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Posted 4/29/2017

The Chac Mool of Aztec Mexico is marvelous. Chac Mool in fact existed. He was an incarnated Adept, one of the great Initiates of the powerful Serpentine civilization of ancient Mexico and of the Great Tenochtitlán. The tomb of Chac Mool was located and his remains found. 

CHACMOOLCHACMOOLhere fore, there can be no doubt that Chac Mool really existed.

If one observes the manner in which Chac Mool is reclining, one sees that he is resting in the same position that the Egyptian Initiates assumed when they wanted to leave in the astral body while pronouncing the mantram FA-RA-ON.

Nevertheless, something curious appears in the umbilical region of Chac Mool. It is a wide bowl or receptacle as if to receive something. In fact, the solar plexus is marvelous; and Chac Mool left humanity a great teaching. The Kundalini or Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers has a great deposit of solar energy in the umbilical region, in the chakra of the solar plexus. This magnetic centre is very important in initiation because it is the one that receives the primary energy, which is subdivided into ten splendorous radiations.

This primary energy circulates through the secondary nervous channels, animating and no raising all the chakras. The solar plexus is governed by the Sun. If the student wants to have really vigorous objective clairvoyance in the fullest sense of the word, he must learn to take the solar energy from its deposit in the solar plexus to the frontal chakra. The man- tram SUI-RA is the key that permits us to extract solar energy from the plexus of the Sun to carry it to the frontal chakra. Vocalize in this way: SUIII RAAA. When practiced one hour daily the result will be the positive awakening of the frontal chakra If we want Solar strength for the laryngeal chakra, we should vocalize the man- tram SUE-RA in this way: SUEEE RAAA. If we need solar energy for the lotus of the heart, we should vocalize the mantram SUO-RA in this way: SUOOO RAAA. Everything is summarized in the Great SUA-RA, where according to the Vedas and the Sastras the Silent Gandharva (celestial musician) is found. It is necessary to know how to use the solar energy deposited in the solar plexus.

It is good for the aspirants of initiation to lie down in the, decubitus—dorsal position, feet on the bed, knees raised. Clearly, by putting the soles of the feet on the bed, the knees are lifted, directed towards the sky, towards Urania.

The Aztec Chac Mool; Great Master of a Serpentine Civilization
In this position the aspirant imagines that the energy of the Sun enters through the solar plexus making it vibrate and rotate from left to right, like the hands of a clock when we look at it from the front. This exercise can be done one hour daily. The basic mantram of this magnetic centre is the vowel U. This vowel can be vocalized by elongating the sound in this way: UUUUUU. A well awakened solar plexus animates marvelously all the chakras of the organism. Thus, we prepare ourselves for initiation. Chac Mool Was venerated in Serpentine Mexico.

Two warrior castes worshipped him. Chac Mool was carried in great processions and entered the Aztec temples, worshipped by the multitudes. They also prayed to him asking for rain for the Earth. This Great Master helps those who invoke him. Tiny sculptures of Chac Mool can be made, or amulets of the figure of Chac Mool, to wear around the neck as a medallion.


Authentic initiation was received in the great mystery temples of the Serpentine Civilizations. Only Serpentine Civilizations are true civilizations. It is necessary that the vanguard of human civilization, made up of our beloved brothers, Theosophists, Rosicrucian, Hermetic Yogis, Spiritualists etc., etc. abandon their old prejudices and fears and unite to create from amongst them all a new Serpentine Civilization. It is urgent to know that the present day barbarity wrongly called civilization is approaching its final catastrophe. The world struggles in frightening chaos and if we really want to save it we all need to unite to create a Serpentine Civilization; the Civilization of Aquarius. We need to make a supreme and desperate effort to save the world because right now, all is lost. The Universal Christian Gnostic Movement is nonsectarian. The Gnostic Movement is made up of the Army of World Salvation, of all spiritual schools, of all lodges, religions and sects.