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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 11/18/2013

At home we had a small black -colored kitten, I decided to earn his affection and is obvious that I did. 

One night I wanted to do a transcendental metaphysical experiment; placed in my bed next to me the innocent animal. I relaxed my body properly and then I concentrated deeply on the felines, begging him to take me out of my physical body. 

I confess plainly that such concentration was long and very deep, possibly lasted for the space of an hour. I dozed slightly through intensive concentration, but certainly I had to go through an extraordinary surprise.

The creature seemed to increase in size and then became a daunting giant lying on the edge of my bed. I touched him with the right hand and seemed steel, radiated power and his face was black as night.

There is no doubt that his whole body was the same color, however, he had left the animalistic form, instead of it assuming the human figure, except for the face that although gigantic remained the cat’s face.

This was something extraordinary that I was not expecting. I terribly surprised and a little frightened I conjured him with the conjuration of the seven of the Wise Solomon.


The result was that the charm ceased, moments later the innocent creature was with me, it was again in its kitty form. The next day very worried I walked through the streets of the city, I thought that fear had been removed from my nature and, behold, now this NAHUAL had given me a tremendous shock. However, in no way I was resigned to losing the battle and I cheer to myself, waiting anxiously for the night to repeat the experiment.


Again I put the little creature in my bed on the right hand side as the night before. I relaxed my physical body, leaving no muscle in tension and then I concentrated deeply in the cat, keeping back in the bottom of my heart the intention of not letting him scare me again.


 "Soldier warned does not die in warfare" and I was obviously knowledgeable about what should happen. So frankly fear was removed from my interior. After an hour or so, in very deep concentration the same last night phenomenon was repeated exactly. The elemental of the kitty is obvious that left the body to take a gigantic and terrible human figure.


Laying in my bed, I looked, it was greatly frightening, terrifying. Certainly such a huge body could not fit entirely in bed so his legs and his feet were above my humble bed, what amazed me most is that such elemental  could leave the dense body to materialize physically, become visible and tangible to our senses , I could touch him with my physical hands and seemed of iron, I could see him with my physical eyes and his face was tremendous.


But this time I was not afraid. I determined to exercise complete control over myself and it is clear that I did. Then speaking in a calm voice and I asked him to take me out of the physical body saying, Arise kitten from this bed (by saying this, that giant stood).


Then I continued ordering him: Get me out of this physical body now, take me in astral.  saying this, that extraordinary giant answered with the following words : Give me your hands , it is clear that I raised my hands, the elemental  took advantage of this time to pull me and get me out of the physical body. That strange being was endowed with a terrible force, but radiated love and it is obvious he wanted to serve so are the elementals of nature.


Now standing in my astral bedside and having by companion this mysterious being, I took the word again to order him so: Take me to the center of the city of Mexico; “Follow me”, was the answer of that colossus. He left the house and I walked slowly step by step behind him. We walked through different parts of the city to San Juan de Letran and out there, in any corner, we stopped for a moment. It was midnight and I longed to bring to the experiment to a successful conclusion. I saw a group of gentlemen  in a corner talking , they were in the physical body and is therefore unquestionable that I perceived , however , I wanted to become visible and tangible to them , such was my purpose.


Addressing therefore the giant one, the nahual of wonders and prodigies in sweet but imperative tone gave him a new order: “Pass me now to the world of three dimensions, the physical world.”

The elemental nahual then put both his hands on my shoulders while he made on these certain pressure.


I felt I was leaving the astral world and penetrated the physical world, was visible and tangible to the group of gentlemen that in that place were. Approaching them, and asked: What’s the time gentlemen? It's half past twelve. Thanks, gentlemen, I want to tell you now that I come from the invisible regions and I wanted to make myself visible and tangible for you; rare words right? Those men looked at me puzzled, I kept saying "goodbye gentlemen, now I return  to the invisible world ",  I begged the elemental to take me back to the supersensible regions and is unquestionable that the creature obeyed instantly.


I could see the astonishment of all those gentlemen. They felt horror, dread and hurried away from that place. New orders were given to giant elemental enough for him to bring me back to the house. Upon returning to the room, upon entering the room, I saw that mysterious man lost its gigantic size and penetrated into the small feline body lying on the bed, precisely through the pineal gland because as  known is situated on the top of the brain.


I did the same, I put my astral feet on the mentioned gland, of the physical brain and I was then in my dense body to awaken from the bed. I looked at the kitten, I did some cuddling, I thanked him and said: “I appreciate the service provided, you and I are friends." Since then, my dear friends, I thought that the kittens, these felines elementals may be ideal for all applicants to the higher life. With this kind of Nahuals any occultist can learn to leave in astral consciously and positively. The important thing is not being afraid, it takes a lot of courage.

It is worthwhile to say that for this kind of psychic experiments, is required the cat to be black.

Many learned ignoramuses can afford to laugh at all these esoteric statements, but that we do not mind, we are writing for people with spiritual concerns, we are talking to people who really yearn for the awakening of consciousness.


Looking into Mystery.  V.M. Samael Aun Weor


Translated from the original in Spanish by Ramon T Juarez, please be lenient if errors found.