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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 5/2/2016

The soul is enshrouded in a fluidic body called the Astral Body. The Astral Body is similar to the physical body.

Within the Astral Body is the soul with its mind, with its will, with its conscience, with its feelings. Thus, the Astral Body is marvelous; this is the soul’s body.

When the flesh and bone body is asleep, the soul leaves the flesh and bone body and wanders all over. The soul voyages in its Astral Body.

When King Nebuchadnezzar lay sleeping in his bed, he thought about what he would be in the future; then he fell asleep. The King’s soul then left the flesh and bone body, traveled in the Astral Plane, and saw a statue whose head was of gold, its breast and arms were of silver, its legs were of iron, and its feet were partly iron and partly baked clay.

The King ordered all wise men, astrologers, and Chaldean soothsayers to be called forth so that they could prophesy the dream of the statue for him and give their statement. No one was capable of telling the King about his dream, for he did not want to tell it to anyone. On account of this the wise men went to their death.

The prophet Daniel went to his house and prayed to the Lord Jehovah with his companions, and then went to bed and slept peacefully.

Daniel’s soul then left his body, and saw in the Astral World King Nebuchadnezzar’s famous statue.

The next day Daniel went before the King and prophesied the dream of the statue for him, and gave him his statement, that is, the interpretation. The King was astounded, and honors were heaped upon Daniel.

And so, dreams are astral experiences. Our disciples must call them astral experiences and not dreams. Our disciples must say, “Last night I was at such and such a place; last night I was in the Astral Body at such and such a place; I had an experience with so-and-so in such-and-such a temple, etc.”

In the Astral Body, we Masters subject disciples to many tests. In the Astral Plane and in Astral Bodies, our disciples receive their initiations in the temples of the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane is known in the Bible by the name of “Mount.” On the Mount, Jesus transfigured himself before his disciples. The Mount is Astral.

During sleep, our disciples are on the Mount. It is in the interest of our disciples to study the Book of Daniel in the Bible. All of Daniel’s visions were on the Mount, on the Astral Plane, and not on the physical plane.

Our disciples, upon awakening from their material sleep, must not move, because with the body’s movement the Astral Body is stirred, and recollections are lost. Upon awakening, disciples must make an effort to remember all those places where they were while their bodies were sleeping. They must make an effort to remember all their past experiences on the Astral Plane. Our disciples must not recount their experiences to anyone.


Daily exercise: Any time that you are at your work, On the Street, in your house, in the presence of a strange thing, or in front of a person whom you have not seen for a long time, ask yourself: 

“Am I in Astral body?” 

Then, perform a small jump and if you float it is because you are within your Astral body. Thus, you can fly and direct yourself to any place in the world. If you do not float, it is because you are within your body of flesh and bones. 

When one practices this exercise during the day, then it is repeated during one’s dreams and the result is that the consciousness awakens and experiences a lucid dream. One becomes aware that one is out from the physical body in the Astral world.




One night Juan unfastened himself from his Physical Body. Undoubtedly, he was skillful In the “Unfoldment” He knew to “consciously travel” in the Astral Body — he was a competent Investigator of the Superior Worlds. Once out of the Physical Body, Juan felt himself invaded by an inexpressible spiritual voluptuousness. There isn’t a greater pleasure than that of feeling the Soul “detached.” There, in the Internal Worlds, the past and the future merge within an eternal now! There, Time does not exist! Juan felt happy. He entered through the doors of a Temple, following his own mystical inspiration. The marvellous Theurgist invoked the Angel Aroch, Angel of Command. He made the Invocation in the following manner: 

“In the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, I summon thee Angel Aroch! Angel Aroch! Angel Aroch!” 



The Theurgist has to practice, to acquire infallible capacity to project himself consciously in the Astral Body. This capacity should be established as a habit that he can use at will, at any moment, in any circumstance, regardless of being alone or before witnesses. Otherwise, he is not a Theurgist. Now, the disciples will learn numerous Clues to acquire this admirable and precious capacity. 


The disciple should lull himself to sleep while, at the same time, he vocalizes the Mantram FARAON distributed in three syllables, as follows: 


The vocalization of the Letter R has already been explained. The disciple should lie down, horizontally, face up. He will place the palm of the hands extended without rigidity, on the surface on the bed, knees bent upwards, with the sole of the feet resting on the bed. The entire body should be relaxed, limb by limb. With everything in this manner, the disciple will lull himself to sleep and, taking deep breaths, will vocalize the Mantram FARAON.

Once the disciple is asleep, he will inevitably come Out of the Physical Body without knowing how, or when. Once in the Internal Worlds, in the Fourth Dimension where his Astral Body will irresistibly be projected, he will awaken total consciousness; in other words, he will become aware of his unheard of experiences in those worlds and will be able to dedicate himself to the practice of Theurgy.

But, before lying down, he should do the sign of the Microcosmic Star.

To that effect, the arms are raised upwards until the palms of the hands touch each other above the head. Next, they are extended laterally so that they remain in a horizontal position, forming a Cross with the rest of the body; lastly, the forearms are crossed over the chest, touching this region with the palms, while the fingertips reach the front of the shoulders. Our adorable Savior of the World, Jesus the Christ, used this mysterious Clue not revealed until now by us, when He studied in the Pyramids of Kephren.

Now then, Master Huiracocha advised the burning of some aromatic substance, some incense, or simply impregnate the room with a good perfume. 


Another method is for the disciple to lull himself to sleep vocalizing this Mantram:

TAI  RE...RE...RE... 

This Mantram should be sung strongly accenting the vowel A: TAAAAAAIIIIIIIII The three remaining syllables are vocalized giving the E a ringing melodious, prolonged sound. The R is not made to vibrate, but is only pronounced in a simple form: REEEEEEEE... REEEEEEEEE... REEEEEEEE…

The syllable TAI is sung in a deep tone. The repetition of RE, in a higher tone than TAI. When the disciple is already falling asleep, when he finds himself in that precise state of transition between vigil and sleep, he should rise from his bed without hesitation, laziness, doubts, reasoning, naturally, like a reflex or in an instinctive manner, automatically, and absolutely childlike.

Observe the birds: When they are going to fly, they do not reason about it, they do not harbor doubts nor preconceptions, but simply fly away instinctively; we can say: automatically. The disciple should proceed in that manner: imitate the birds. He should rise, therefore, from the bed and leave the room and head for any Corner of the infinite, or wherever he likes. When we say that the student should RISE from the bed, this should be translated into effective and immediate actions, without stopping to think. 



We now refer to the case of a gentleman who, while asleep, had to get up to open his house door, because he heard someone knocking on it at those moments. When he returned to his room he had the tremendous surprise of finding a man in his bed. On properly observing him, he realized very well that this man was his own body, which had remained asleep in the bed. From the previous reference, the students will be able to realize that when a man gets up from his bed in that precise moment of falling asleep, the result is inevitably “UNFOLDMENT.” The gentleman of the previous case “unfolded” because he got tip with the most complete spontaneity — there was not any mental analysis, fears nor prejudices He got up to open the door, that was all! 

If in spite of all the clues which we have taught in order to consciously travel in Astral body you have not achieved it yet, then do not feel discouraged. Study chapters 16 to 21 of my book entitled: The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac. 

I promise you, beloved reader, that if you submit yourself to the discipline written in those cited chapters, then you will learn how to consciously travel through the Suprasensible Worlds. 

What is important is to perform everything correctly and to not dismay in your efforts. Then you will triumph. 

Through this conversation that you and I are having, via this book which you have in your hands, I sincerely tell you that the only thing which is of interest to me is that you progress. Truly, I want to help you.