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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 6/25/2015


The greatest need, the most urgent problem for each individual, each person, is to understand life in its uni-total, whole form, because only then are we in a condition to be able to satisfactorily resolve our inner personal problems.

Our technological progress is fantastic but it has only led to an increase in our aggressive power to destroy one another, and everywhere we look terror, hunger, ignorance and sickness reign. No profession, no technology can ever give us that, that is called plenitude, true happiness.

Everyone in life suffers greatly in their job, their profession, in their routine way of life and possessions and occupations become instruments of envy, gossip, hate and bitterness.

The world of doctors, the world of actors, of engineers, of lawyers, etc., every one of those worlds is filled with pain, gossip, competition, envy, etc.

Without self-comprehension, any mere occupation, trade or profession will lead us to pain and the search for subterfuges.

Samael Aun Weor    “Fundamental Education”



The organism of the three-brained biped mistakenly called man is a beautiful machine, with five marvellous psycho-physiological centres. The order of those centres is the following: Intellect, Movement, Instinct, Emotion and Sex.

When we deeply observe ourselves, we come to the conclusion that each one of the five centres penetrates the whole the organism, and nevertheless each one of them has a basic principal spot some place in the human machine.

The intellect’s centre of gravity is found in the brain; the movement’s centre of gravity is situated in the upper part of the dorsal spine; the centre of gravity of the emotions is located in the solar plexus; one must look for the centre of gravity of the instincts in the inferior part of the dorsal spine; and the centre of gravity of sex clearly has its root in the sexual organs.

Each one of the machine’s five centres has specific, absolutely defined functions. A thorough study of the five centres allows us to understand that there is a difference in speeds between them, and this has already been verified.

Students of a pseudo occultist and pseudo esoteric type think that the thought centre or intellectual centre is extraordinarily fast, and they are sadly mistaken because the motor and instinctive centres are 30,000 times faster. We’ve been told that the emotional centre is even faster than the motor and the instinctive centres; great sages affirm that the emotional centre is in reality 30,000 times faster than the centres of movement and instinct.

Like any other machine, the human machine moves in accordance with the impulses of the subtle forces of nature. The secret agents that move the human machines are, in the first place, cosmic radiations, and the pluralized “I” in the second place. The sun with its heat, good or bad weather, immediately allow certain “I’s” to come up and take over the machine. Some of these “I’s” tend to be stronger than others. Rain, contradictions, vain fleeting pleasures, give rise to new and bothersome “I’s”, but the poor human marionette doesn’t have a clue of these changes, because its consciousness is asleep, always living in the most recent “I”.

Techniques for the Dissolution of the ‘I’

The “I” exerts control over the five inferior centres of the human machine: intellect, movement, emotion, instinct, and sex. The human being’s two superior centres--the superior intellectual and the superior emotional—cannot be controlled by the “I”, but only by the essence; the Buddhata or consciousness. If we want to dissolve the “I”, we must study it in the five inferior centres. We need comprehension.

We should not condemn defects. We also should not justify them. The important thing is to comprehend them. It is urgent to comprehend the actions and reactions of each of the five inferior centres of the human machine. Each of these five inferior centres has all of the complicated games of actions and reactions. The “I” works with each of these five inferior centres, and by deeply comprehending the activity of each one of them we are on the path of dissolving the “pluralized I”.

Let’s briefly study each centre by itself in order to attain a better understanding of the mechanics of our machine and so more effectively dedicate ourselves to self-observation, reflection and comprehension of our “I’s”.

The Intellectual Centre

The intellectual centre is related with all the processes of reasoning and thinking in general. It is the slowest centre and therefore countless “I’s” generally related with sub imagination and pernicious fantasy manifest through this centre. We must put a stop to the innumerable thoughts that continuously assault us and prevent us from having better concentration during the different actions of our life. The excessive wasting of this centre’s energy causes psychic and physical disturbances that in the end could lead to insanity, schizophrenia, hysteria, etc., etc. Prolonged hours of reading is damaging for this centre. Reading should be balanced with the actions of the motor and the emotional centres –walking, deep breathing, listening to soft music, etc.

The Centre of Movement (Motor Centre)

We need to explore ourselves and deeply comprehend all of our habits. We should not allow our life to continue to unfold mechanically. It seems incredible that we, living within the forms of our habits, do not know these forms that condition our lives. We need to study our habits, comprehend them, observing our way of speaking, dressing, walking, etc., etc.

Habits belong to the centre of movement. Sports in general also belong to the centre of movement. Abusing the activity of the motor centre, results in the wear and tear of the parts of our physical body, or the partial or total disability of our organism. Our movements should be rhythmic.

The Instinctive Centre

This centre is related with all the processes of physical chemical assimilation, tasting, digestion, blood circulation, etc. In addition there also exist the instincts of preservation, the sexual instinct, etc. There are also many perversities of the instinct. In every human being there are sub-human instinctive forces that paralyse the true spirit of love and kindness. These demoniacal forces should first be comprehended and then subdued and eliminated. They are forces that are bestial, instinctive, and criminal; forces of lust, cowardice, fear, etc.

The Emotional Centre

Two persons react to a representation in different ways. What is agreeable for one can be disagreeable for the other. It all depends on how the impression received from the external world is channelled. The emotional centre is our receiving antenna, for all the impressions we receive from the exterior world. We should avoid the disastrous impressions that come from loud, arrhythmic music and violent and morbid conversations.

Violent movies and TV programs, pornography, bad soap operas, etc. stimulate the negative and subhuman emotions. Sentimentalities belong to this centre, and the study and comprehension of them are fundamental for eliminating the “pluralized psychological I.”

The difference lies, many times, in that one person judges and sees with the mind whereas another person is touched in their emotions. We should learn to differentiate the mind from emotions. The mind is one thing and feelings another. In the mind exists a whole play of actions and reactions which should be comprehended. In the emotions exist affections that should be crucified, emotions that should be carefully studied and in general, all of the mechanisms of actions and reactions which are easily confused with the activity of the mind.

The Sexual Centre

This centre is extraordinarily subtle and fast, thanks to its very refined energy. The majority of its manifestations take place at a molecular level, where the impulses are transmitted thousands of times faster than those of the mind.

Sex can liberate or enslave the human being. We need to transcend the mechanics of Sex. Abusing it will lead us to the ruin of all our physical-cosmological values. The sexual centre is the seat of our vital physical energy.

The “I” is the root of pain, of ignorance and of error. Only by dissolving the Ego, the “pluralized I”, will ignorance, error and pain disappear. When the “I” is dissolved, true and authentic happiness comes to us. Happiness has nothing to do with money, social position, luxuries, etc. Happiness is of the Essence, the Soul, the Consciousness or Buddha.

The Human Machine

When we try to imagine in a clear and precise way the brilliant and extended body of the Solar System with all its beautiful covers and interwoven threads formed by the marvellous trace of the worlds, there comes to our mind in a receptive state the living image of the human organism with all its systems: skeletal, lymphatic, arterial, nervous, etc., without doubt, are constituted and united in a similar way.

When seen from afar, the Ors Solar System, this system in which we live, move, and have our existence, looks like a man walking through the unalterable infinite.

The microcosmos man is, in turn, a solar system in miniature, a marvellous machine, with various networks of energy in different degrees of voltage.

The structure of the human machine has seven or eight systems, held together by a formidable skeletal frame and united as a solid whole thanks to its connective tissue. Medical science has been able to verify that all these systems of the human organism are properly unified and harmonized by the Sun of the organism, the life-giving heart, on which the existence of the microcosmos man depends.

Each organic system encompasses the whole body and over each system, one of the internal secretion glands reigns supreme. In reality these marvellous glands are true micro-laboratories placed in specific locations to serve as regulators and transformers. Without a doubt, we can emphatically affirm that these glandular micro laboratories have the highly important mission of transforming the vital energies produced by the human machine.

It has been said that the human organism gets its nourishment from the air we breathe, from the food we eat and from the light of the Sun. The glandular micro laboratories must transform the vital energies of these foods, and this is a surprising and wondrous labour. Each gland must transform the vital energy from the nutriments to the degree of tension required by its own system and function.

The human organism has seven superior glands and three nervous control centres. The Law of Seven and the Law of Three work intensely within the human machine.

The spinal cerebrum produces those very rare conscious functions that are sometimes manifested in the intellectual animal. The sympathetic system marvellously stimulates the unconscious and instinctive functions; and the parasympathetic or vagus system refrains the instinctive functions acting as a complement to the sympathetic system.

We have every reason to affirm without fear of being mistaken that these three nervous controls represent the Law of Three, the Three Primary Forces within the human machine, just as the seven endocrine glands and their products represent the Law of Seven with all its musical octaves.

There is clearly a control that generates active nervous impulses, another that gives off passive nervous impulses and a third one that gives off the mediating impulses of thought, reason, and consciousness. As agents of the Law of Three, the nervous systems control the glands that, as we have said, represent the Law of Seven. The nerves control the glands but at the same time they are also controlled. This is similar to the specific functions of the planets that move around the Sun; these worlds control and are controlled.

We have repeatedly said that the human machine has five cylinders/centres. The first is the intellectual centre, the second the emotional centre, the third is the centre of movement, the fourth is the instinctive centre and the fifth is the sexual centre.

We have explained many times that the five cylinders of the human machine are unfortunately controlled by the “pluralized I”, by that legion of “selves” that live in those psycho-physiological centres.

The human machine, like any other machine, moves under the impulses of the three forces of nature. Cosmic radiations, in the first place, and the “pluralized I” in second place, are the secret agents that move human machines.

Cosmic radiation is formed by two large groups of components that, just as they work within Nature’s great laboratory, also work within the human machine. The first group is formed by very hard and highly penetrating rays coming from sidereal space, with energies that oscillate around five billion electron volts. These rays are the ones that cause an impact with the particles of the high atmosphere, dividing themselves into intense beams or star-rays. The hard part of the cosmic radiation is made up of protons, neutrons and mesons. These particles have been properly classified as positive, negative and neutral, in accordance with the Law of Three.

The second group, or soft radiation, is formed by secondary rays produced inside the terrestrial atmosphere. Based on scientific investigations these type of rays are the result of impacts of hard radiation smashing against the air atoms, which give off beams or stars-rays, some formed by even 500,000 particles which in their development could cover very extensive areas. We have been told that the energy of the corpuscles that compose the soft radiation, oscillate between one million and one hundred billion electron volts.

Any adverse planetary conjunction, any disastrous quadrature of the worlds, any tension produced by the exaggerated closeness of two planets, is sufficient for millions of human machines to go to war, justifying it, of course, with many reasons, slogans, flags that must be defended, motives for fighting, etc.

The gravest foolishness of intellectual animals is believing that they do, when in reality they can do nothing, they are simple human marionettes moved by forces unknown to them.

Within the intellectual animals’ subjective psyche, the cosmic radiations give rise to an infinite number of changes in their psychological idiosyncrasy; certain “I’s” arise while others submerge, some “devil I’s” come up to the surface while others are lost in the forty-nine regions of the subconscious.  Then comes the surprise, the astonishments: the one who had sworn eternal love leaves, the one who had sworn fidelity to Gnosis betrays it, the one who never drank alcohol now drinks it, the one that had committed to a certain business suddenly loses all interest, etc.

Human machines have no sense of moral responsibility, they are simple marionettes that think, feel, and act according to the kind of “I” that controls the capital centres of the machine at a given moment. If that “I” is displaced, the human marionette indeed modifies its mental and emotional processes, resulting in different and even opposite actions.

Sometimes certain foreign “devil I’s,” get into the human machine, ones that don’t belong to the person but which have other owners, and ensconce themselves in any of the five cylinders of the machine. Then the honest citizen becomes a thief and a person who before would never even hurt a bird, turns into a cruel killer, etc.

The “I” that all human beings carry within themselves is a plurality and its real name is legion. The cycles of these “devil I’s”, their continuous and terrible struggles for supremacy depend on many external and internal influences and, when it comes right down to it, on cosmic radiations. The sun’s heat, good or bad weather, immediately provoke certain “I’s” that take control of the machine. Some of these “I’s” tend to be stronger than others. 

Rain, contradictions, vain, fleeting happiness, give rise to new and bothersome “I’s”, but the poor human marionettes have no notion of these changes because their consciousness is asleep; they always live in the most recent “I”.

Certain “I’s” control others because they are stronger, but their strength is the strength of the cylinders of the machine. All “I’s” are the result of external and internal influences. In the intellectual animal there is no true individuality, the intellectual animal is a machine.

Samael Aun Weor

“Supreme Message”