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Audio lecture by Justin Short

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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 1/15/2016

Tonight we will talk about the aspects that are related with the Gnostic esotericism and I want you to pay the maximum of attention.

In the name of the truth, we will say that the principal is the work on ourselves, in order to attain a radical and definitive change. So much we have spoken about it and tonight we will continue explaining it for the good of all of us.

First of all I have to say that unfortunately we are subordinated to the mechanical influences of the Moon. So the moonstruck people are not just the mad ones, because everybody depend of the Moon. The Moon is like a huge weight to the planetary organism in which we live, that is to say, the planet Earth.

Let us observe the influence of the Moon over the plants: in crescent, the sap is in the superior part of them; in waning, the lunar influence makes this sap to descend and to concentrate in the inferior part of the trunk and roots.

In the ancient times the farmers used to cut the woods in the crescent time and to sow in waning, so it were obtained extraordinary woods that could last entire centuries. Now, people has forgotten the lunar influence and cut the wood in waning and sow in crescent, and the result of it are woods that soon are lost.

For example, the people born under the sign of Cancer, change their character according with the influences of the Moon. The Moon produces the high and low tides, regulates the ovulation of the ovaries in the feminine sex, directs the conception of all the creatures, etc., in truth, it could not exists any kind of conception without the lunar influence. Obviously the Moon is also related with the illnesses; the lunar cycles govern the typhus, variola, etc.
The Moon is like a big weight, like the weight of a clock. As the clock works because of the weight, in the same form all this nature, all this earth function because of the pendulum or weight (the moon).

For all these reasons, we can verify that the humanity is completely lunar, and if we observe the clock's pendulum, we will see that is mechanical in one hundred per cent and that it governs all the mechanism of the clock. In the same form the Moon that is the pendulum of the planet earth, manage mechanically the entire planet and the humanity.

So, the human beings, the entire humanity, is lunar in one hundred per cent.
The Moon, of course, takes more and more force in us. Observe the humanity's behavior; if we observe the movement from right to left in the pendulum, we can perceive how all the mechanism of the clock work; in the same form, if we observe the Moon that is the pendulum of this planet, we will see how behaves the Earth's organism.
Inside of the Earth's organism live alive organisms; each order of organisms has a specific mission in the planet Earth. A family of insects for example, that only last an afternoon in the summer, it would seem that do not have so much importance, however, do have it. That kind of beings capture determined types of cosmic waves that transform instinctively and re-send to the internal layers of the planetary organism in which we live. The family of the tigers, we could say, what relation could they have with this matter? A lot, those organisms capture another type of energy that transform and re-send to the internal stratums of the planetary organism in where we live.

The plants for example, are divided in families, each vegetable family capture specified types of energies. There are plants that only capture energy from the planet Earth that is transformed and then re-sent to the inferior stratums of the world. There are plants that capture the solar energies, that then are transformed and then re-sent to the inferior layers of Earth.

There are plants, shrubs, trees, that capture the energies of the entire solar system and transform them for the good of the terrestrial organism. There are vegetables that capture the energies of the entire Macrocosms, that is to say, of all the galaxy in where we live, they transform that type of waves and then re-send them to the inferior layers of the world in where we live; and finally, there are plants that capture the energies of the entire Megalocosmos, that is to say, of the whole infinite in where we live, transform and re-send them to the inferior stratums of the Earth.
I say of the entire infinite in where we live because in truth, there are several infinites. In the Pistis Sophia it is spoken about the several firmaments. This infinite in where we live is perceptible by the telescopes and has an average of 100.000 solar galaxies. Each galaxy we could say can have an average of 100.000 suns with their respective Moons, etc.

Obviously all of this forms the infinite that we could denominate the infinite of Einstein. I would call it: Infinite of Einstein, because was Einstein the man that in our modern times foreboded it through his mathematic calculations. He said: "The space has the tendency to have a limit;" he also said: "The space is curve;" also said: "The infinite has the tendency to have a limit."

So, this wise man understood that we live in an infinite that has a limit and that is curve also. Much beyond of this infinite there is an empty space and much more beyond of this empty space there exists another infinite, and much more beyond that other infinite there is another empty space and then appears another infinite, so here we have the thesis of the several infinites. The entire multiplicity of infinites have as a foundation the immutable.

What is the immutable? The Immutable is the Absolute.

As a matter of fact, as we were affirming, the plants also have the mission to transform and re-send the energy to the interior of the earth. All the animal species fulfil that mission and in truth the planetary organism in where we live can exists precisely because of that, because of the cosmic energies. But the humanity is the most important organ of nature. Why it is the most important? Because it have three brains: the Intellectual, the Emotional and the Motor. The Intellectual is located inside of the brain, the Emotional is in the heart and the Motor in the superior part of the spinal column; so that makes the humanity to be the most important organ.

Humanity can assimilate determined types of energies to then transform and re-send to the internal stratums of the earth. So, we have to know that each human being is a small machine that transforms energies, that is the reason of his existence, for that reason every human being exists under the light of the Sun, is completely mechanical and is controlled by the Moon. Free Will almost does not exists. Imagine for a moment a violin inside of its case; it has an almost insignificant margin of space. That margin could give you an idea of the kind of free will that we have, however, it is possible to extend that small free will by working on ourselves, in order to cease being machines.

All of us, together with the creatures that live over the earth and that form, we would say the organic world, are the machinery of this great organism called Earth. The pendulum that moves this complicated organism is the Moon.

So, from this principle I will say that the humanity is absolutely mechanical and every day become more and more mechanical, that is obvious. It is necessary to create within ourselves a Psychological Moon, only in this form we could stop being mechanical beings.

Inside of us, what we really have is a Mechanical Center of Gravity, that center gravitates in the Personality. Obviously in our personality we have what we were taught, the example of our parents, of the family, what we have learned in school, in the street, in the restaurant, in the bar, etc., all of that is the personality, and we have our Center of Gravity on it.

The brighter a personality is, the more cultured it is, the more the personality stands out, people will respect it. The great plenipotentiaries are respected, the great ambassadors, the ministers of government, the arch millionaires, and the "jet set" people are respected because they have bright personalities.

They have in their pocket that something called money; some of them have a fascinating intellectual culture and that make them to look brighter in appearance.

So, today unfortunately our Center of Gravity is in the personality. For example, the one that does not have money, is not respected.

In New York there was a label that said: "Who are you? the money speaks for you. The amount of money that you have is your value. If you do not have money, get it working and if you do not get it working, get it anyway." So, that label was in New York, I do not know if still exist, but it was there. In that form is the humanity, if there is money, the worse psychological defects are covered, with the money all the doors of the world are open. "Powerful gentleman is Mister Money." So, what does this means? It means that we have the Gravity Center in the Personality.

If a person does not have so much money, is poor, lives in a humble small house, and his clothes are poor, everybody look him down and definitively do not even see him, he does not exists in the eyes of the rich. Why? Because they have a very small Center of Gravity, a very weak one, and are not even taken in consideration, this means that there are Centers of Gravity stronger than others.

The Center of Gravity, for example, of Ford, President of the United States, is not the same as the Center of Gravity that could have, for example, one humble laborer. The stronger the Personality's Gravity Center is, the more the person is respected, that is clear; but that Center of Gravity is totally mechanical.

We need to create a new Center of gravity, not a mechanical one, but conscious instead. Is it possible to create it? Yes, it is possible; and if we create it, we will pass from the mechanical Center of Gravity to the Conscious Permanent Center.

First of all, we have to distinguish between the Personality and the False Personality. The normal personality has to exists, of course, because it is the vehicle of manifestation that we have, but another thing is the False Personality.

If we want create the Conscious Center of Gravity in ourselves, first, what we have to do is to eliminate the undesirable elements of the presumption, pride, vanity, egoism, self-esteem, jealousy, etc. Only with the elimination of those psychological elements we can create in our inner constitution, in our inner Essence, the Conscious center of Gravity, that is to say, the Psychological Moon.

The Psychological Moon is the Conscious Center of Gravity. One who attains the creation of the Psychological Moon, undoubtedly will have freed himself from the mechanical influences of the Moon that moves around the Earth. In order to liberate ourselves from the mechanical influence that comes from the physical Moon, we need to create in ourselves, inside of us, the Psychological Moon, that is to say, the Conscious Center of Gravity.

Only thus the Conscious Center of Gravity is established in the Essence, in the Consciousness, in the psychic part.

Now, to eliminate the psychic aggregates of the pride, vanity, presumption, jealousy, anger, self- esteem, egoism, implicates a very serious work.

Obviously these aggregates enjoy some self-independence. We could say that they are psychological creatures or psychological people that exists in the depth of ourselves (in the psychological realm) and that control the personality. Inside of those entities is bottled up the Essence, the Consciousness; if we want to disintegrate those defects, those psychological aggregates we need to comprehend them, and if we want to comprehend them, first of all what we have to do is to discover them.

In the practical life what we have to do, is to live on the alert state, on the watch state, if we want to eliminate the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry inside. The hidden defects that we carry inside appear spontaneously when we are with our friends, in the public square, in the temple, etc., and if we are on the watch and alert as the watchman in wartime, then we see them. Discovered defect has to be analyzed, totally comprehended through the profound Inner Meditation.

When one has understood that has a determined psychic defect, obviously one has to disintegrate it. It is possible to do so if we use a force that is superior to the mind. The mind by itself cannot fundamentally change any defect, it can pass a defect from one level to another, it can hide the defect from itself and the other defects, can classify them with different names, it can justify or to condemn them, but it could never eradicate the psychic aggregates from oneself.

In order to eliminate the discovered defect we need a power that is superior to the mind. Fortunately that power exists, I am talking emphatically about the Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, the spiral serpentine fire coiled as a snake inside of the magnetic center of the coccyx.

When that fires awakes, raises overwhelmingly through the spinal channel awakening centers, powers, etc., it transforms us completely. There is no doubt that the advent of the fire, is the most grandiose event that a man can have in his life; that ascendant serpent is called Kundalini.

Yes, we can concentrate ourselves in that Sacred Serpent, we can supplicate her to eliminate the defect that we have discovered, you can be sure that she will do so; the aggregate that personify the defect, will be reduced to cosmic dust. One can disintegrate any defect, just been in profound meditation, been alone, or in the Ninth Sphere.

Undoubtedly the bachelors in their works can attain the elimination of a 25 or 30 percent of the undesirable elements. The married can eliminate more; obviously the sexual electric force in conjunction with the help of Devi Kundalini Shakti can annihilate the one hundred percent of the psychological defects. So, it is convenient to reflect on this so important point.

Any couple of married, gnostic esoterists, in the chemical or metaphysical copulation, can invoke Devi Kundalini and will be helped. If we supplicate to the igneous serpent of our magical powers to eliminate a psychological error, if that supplication is done in the middle of the metaphysical copulation, we will be assisted immediately and the disintegration of the psychic aggregate will be a concrete, clear and definitive fact.

So my dear friends, it is worthwhile to reflect profoundly about all of these things. If we attain the elimination of the heavy "I's" of 96 laws that form part of the False Personality, we will create a Conscious Center of Gravity in the depths of our Essence; we will get out of the lunar mechanic state and will attain the Conscious state.

However, to pass from the Mechanic Center of Gravity to the Conscious Gravity Center, implies intentional works and voluntary sufferings, here and now.

I am giving the keys to stop been a machine, because you can be absolutely sure that now you are machines. It could not be possible for the energies that come from the planets of the solar system to pass directly to the interior of earth, and even if they could do so, these energies would not generate any organic process, they would be useless for the economy of the planet Earth.

In order to those energy waves that come from the worlds that surround us, could have an economic vital role in the interior of the world, are necessary channels that will transform those waves: those forces need to adapt themselves to the interior of the planet Earth.

Those forces need to be transformed, to adapt themselves to the interior of our world. If those cosmic forces that come from the worlds could not pass through the channels of transformation, they would not fulfill their mission in the interior of the planet Earth.

Obviously their role would be null. So, all the cosmic waves that come from the planets of our solar system have to pass through their respective channels. There are channels in the vegetable, in the animal; there is no doubt that the principal channels are in the human machines, that is the reason of their existence.

When one attempts to stop been a machine, when one does not want to be a machine, nature reacts against us. Inside of us, Nature has elements, powers, forces that it utilizes in order to fight us, so it happens that for nature is not convenient that somebody could stop been a machine.

To do so, is to commit outrage against its economy and nature has formidable powers to call to order those rebellious that have risen themselves up in arms. That is the crude reality of the facts. So, we do not expect in any way that you suddenly will stop been machines.

I have been observing you carefully, obviously you are here to listen, and I am in this place to speak, but I see right here in the lecture how nature works in order to try to call you to order.
If you pay attention, will see that some of you when listening to this lecture have felt boredom, there are some that have yawned, some others would want this lecture already finished, etc. Nature utilizes all of that as the weapons to avoid that somebody could stop been a machine. You are machines, maybe you do not like it, maybe you could think that I am insulting you, no, I give you my word that I am not doing that; what I say to you, it also applies to the entire humanity.

You will stop been machines the day that you rise yourselves up in arms against nature, against the cosmos, against yourselves, against everything and everybody. If that happens, there will be a possibility to stop been machines, if you do not fail, because
Nature will not divert the attention just right away. Obviously that is an attempt against the economy of nature.

So, the first is to create a Psychological Moon if we want to become independents from that pale Moon that orbit around the Earth that suctions our energies, and that has transformed us in mechanical creatures. All the human beings are lunar and move themselves in the psychological atmosphere of the Moon; that is sad but truth. If we observe the human beings after death, we will realize that are unconscious, asleep, they look like sleepwalkers. If we touch them we will see that are colds as the ice.

It comes to my memory a very interesting case. In certain occasion I was told about a mountain in where there were unusual situations. It was said that a deceased person appeared at midnight, and if someone dare to ascend to the top of that mountain, the person fell fainted. So none dared to ascend.

I said to myself: well, this is an experiment, I will see what is going on; so I took the decision to ascend to the mountain at midnight. When I arrived to the top I said to myself: well, now we will see what is going on, why people fall fainted and the next day are found fainted and have to be revived with water, slaps, etc.

Yes, I saw a man; I passed close to him, I observed him and I noticed that he did not breathe, he was standing up, dressing grey pants, white shirt, he was pale, completely pale and did not breathe. "So, this guy is the one that has provoked a faint to everybody, and I came just for this!"

Just in case I had taken not a pistol but a humble bowie knife. I did not have necessity to use that small machete, it was not necessary. I saw the man, he was like a sleepwalker; I can affirm that he was not doped, but he was very pale. His feet were lightly suspended in the air.

"Well, what happen with this guy is that he is dead, is a deceased person materialized physically." He saw me but he did not attack, well, I prayed all what I knew, I prayed the Conjuration of the Four, the Conjuration of the Seven, I blessed him and I did 50 thousand other things but he remained in the same state; his eyes were like the eyes of the sleepwalkers, so I said to myself: "this is the deceased person that provokes so much fear in the people!"

Well, I continued my way, he did not get involved with me and neither me with him, I did not have necessity to take out my bowie knife that had just in case, it was not necessary, but I saw the sleepwalker state in his eyes. So, that is the form of the deceased people after death, they are like the sleepwalkers.

Because of the fact that when they were alive never worked on themselves, never awakened their Consciousness, were always mechanical creatures in one hundred per cent, after death they continue been sleepwalkers, are unconscious sleepwalkers. This is very sad, but another thing is the one who has created a Conscious Center of Gravity, that
is different. After death, one encounters him completely conscious, knowing that is already dead.

Not long ago the gnostic brother N.N. passed away, some of us knew him and he was a friend of everybody, so he was a good gnostic brother of the Patriarchal Headquarters. We had thought to send him as Missionary to the United States. Been in meditation we felt him after his dead; he arrived accompanied by other people and saluted us. "What's up?" I said. "Do you realize that you are dead?" "I already know that Master, I know that
I am dead." "Very well, I will give you the teachings that in the physical world I used to, I will teach you in the astral world; I will take you to the different regions of the universe." "Ah, I really like that, this is what I want!" He replied.

Other that was listening said: "The Master say that he will give you the teaching here, in the Astral." "This is what I want!"

I said to him: "we will give the teachings to you." When alive, that man had eliminated the defects of presumption, vanity, pride, self-esteem, anger, egoism; that is to say, that man had attained a Conscious Center of Gravity. For that reason he was awaken in the Astral, absolutely awaken.

Well, continuing with this lecture my friends, I think that to create or to make the Conscious Center of Gravity it is not the only thing; it is necessary something else. If one wants for example, to have the right to live in any planet of the solar system, has to win that right, so to that effect, it would be necessary to create the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being, that is to say, to create the planetary bodies inside of ourselves.

What bodies...? One needs to create the Astral body: when one creates his Astral body knows that it has it. How does one know it? Because one can use the Astral body as uses the hands and the feet. But in order to form the Astral body it is unavoidable to descend to the Ninth Sphere. What is the Ninth Sphere? Well, I think that the most of those that are here have studied the Gnosis. No? If there is someone new, I do not know it; anyway, you will have to learn what it will be taught.

The Ninth Sphere is related with the sex, in the center of the Earth. In the center of the Earth there is a horizontal Holy Eight, is made of pure gold. In that holy eight is the brain, heart and sex of the planetary genie. All the forces that flow in the planet earth are organized according with the Holy Eight.

In the human being we have brain, heart and sex; the fight is terrible: Brain against Sex. Sex against brain, it is obvious. If the Sex subdue the brain, then the five pointed star, the human being, falls head downwards. But if we are able to transmute the sexual energy in the Ninth Sphere, then the five pointed star will be in order, with the superior angle upward and the inferior angles downward.

It has been told to us that when a woman marries a man that by law does not belong to her, it is known because the day of the wedding she appears bald, that is to say, her hair is hidden, she unconsciously has covered it; and when a man is infidel with the wife that the heaven has given to him, it appears a marc, the inverted five pointed star shines in the space between the eyebrows, but it shines fatally, is the fatal star. These are very interesting, very important facts, which we have to know.

I want to say to you, that if one transmutes the sacred sperm, can have the luxury to create the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being. Through the transmutation of the sacred sperm, that in alchemy is called Azogue or raw metal, it is attained the fabrication of the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy.

The Mercury is the Metallic Soul of the Sacred Sperm, the Mercury is also the sexual energy. In order to create the Mercury it is indispensable not to ejaculate the Ens Seminis, that is to say, the spirit of the semen. Undoubtedly, the retained desire will transmute the Sacred Sperm in energy, that energy is the Mercury of the wise men.

The Mercury or Mercurial water, is invisible to the physical eyes, but perceptible to the sense of psychological self-observation. Undoubtedly that sense also receives the name of clairvoyance; obviously the mercurial water in the beginning is black, but if the sacrament of Rome's Church is refined, that is to say, the sacrament of the Love's Church, that water or sexual energy turns white; and if we keep refining the Sacrament of the Rome's Church, if we make of the chemical coitus or metaphysical copula, a prayer, a religious tantric cult, then that mercurial water turns yellow and if we continue in the mystical work, later it will happen that yellow water or Mercury, receives the Sulphur. The Sulphur is the Fire. When the Sacred Fires awakes, the Sulphur is freed from where it is enclosed and the Sulphur mixed with the Mercury forms a whirl of forces, which raise through the spinal channel. There is no doubt that in that whirl of forces, there is also sublimated salt. Salt, Sulphur and Mercury are the Vitriol of the wise men, the Quicksilver that has to ascend through the spinal column to the brain.

The surplus of that Quicksilver or Vitriol, crystallizes through the Law of the Octaves, in a superior octave with the marvelous and extraordinary form of the Astral body. When somebody has the Astral body, can travel with it to all the planets of the solar system, has the right to travel outside of the planet earth.

Much more later in the time, the Quicksilver, in a second superior octave, crystallizes in the form of the Mental body; with the Mental body it is possible to apprehend, to capture all the wisdom of nature. Finally in a third octave, the Quicksilver takes the form of the Causal body.

When a man has the Physical body, Astral body, the Mental and the Causal, receives his psychic and spiritual principles and becomes a man, is a Man. He has created the solar system within himself, but it is not a Solar man yet, it is just a Man, because has his Superior Existential Bodies of the Being and also has the spiritual principles. If that man wants to progress even more, if he wants to become a Solar man, inevitably has to create the Psychological Sun within himself. As in order to create a Solar system it was necessary the creation within himself of the psychological planets of the solar system, represented by the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being, in the same form if he wants to become a Solar man, he will need to create the Psychological Sun within himself, and in order to do so he will have to integrate himself with the Logos.

A very ancient code says: "The Gods created the men from wood and after having created them, they fused them with the divinity," but then says: "Not all the men achieved the fusion with the divinity." So, the men that would want to become Solar men have to fuse themselves with the divinity, and only could become Solar Men those that attain the fixation of the Gold in the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being.

It is possible to fix the atoms of Gold in the Existential Bodies, if the totality of undesirable elements, all the defects that we have, all the inhuman elements, are eliminated from our psyche. Once this is has been attained, the Existential Bodies will be transformed in vehicles of gold of the best quality; I am saying Gold, real Gold, authentic Gold.

Physically there is a way to know if a man has the Existential Superior Vehicles of the Being, transformed in bodies of Gold. The physical test is the one of the Sacred Sperm; the Sacred Sperm of a Christified man for example: of a Jesus of Nazareth, or of one Hermes Trismegistus, even if you do not believe it, is of Gold, has gold, physical Gold. It seems incredible but it is truth. Initiates of that level have the Exiohehari transformed in Gold; but of course I am talking about men like Quetzalcoatl, or Gautama Shakyamuni, Jesus Christ, creatures of that level. Going deeper in this, we would say that he that has created his bodies of gold and even has his sperm of gold, obviously has the Christ within himself, the Logos, the Verb, the Word, to God itself, therefore, a creature like that is ineffable, is a Solar Man, a Solar Divinity.

The history talks about many Solar Divinities of the past, of people that had the Christ.

Their Existential Superior Bodies of the Being were of pure gold; those are the Solar Men. A Solar Man is the one that has created the Sun within himself, but if a common man has the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being already created and wants to become a Solar Man, he has to descend to the Ninth Sphere in order to create the gold in his bodies; once has created the gold, it returns to him.

Hermes Trismegistus wisely said: "Ascend from earth to the heaven and it descends again, so in this form you will have the powers of upwards and downwards, you will penetrate in every subtle thing and will be able to defeat any dense thing." That is the key of any power.

If a Solar Man for example, wants to become a Galactic Man, what he should do? Obviously he would have to create the Psychological Galaxy within himself, and in order to do so he should have to descend to the Ninth Sphere to work in the Lit forge of Vulcan, and there, in that forge he could create the Psychological Galaxy that would give him the right to live in the entire Galaxy, so he could take a body in the Capital of the Galaxy, in Sirius.

Around Sirius orbit millions of constellations; you had been told that there were 18 million, but the final calculations say that are much more millions. So, this Galaxy is huge!

The Capital of the light to all this Galaxy is the Great Central Sun Sirius. Around the planet Sirius orbits a Moon five thousand times denser than the lead. If from Sirius come all the energy to the supra-dimensions of all the worlds, of all the Suns of the Galaxy, there is no doubt that from that Moon that orbits around Sirius, five thousand times denser than the lead, comes the energy to all the infra-worlds of the Galaxy.

To have a body in Sirius? That is for Gods! In Sirius only the Gods receive a body, this means that all the inhabitants of Sirius are Gods. Their bodies are relatively small, do not reach one meter of stature: by far one meter. Their bodies are thin, all their faculties are awakened, open, are fused with their God. They have not made the mistake that we make here, to create cities. I do not know why these terrestrial have the tendency to live heaped in cities, in towns; they have that so absurd gregarious sense; in the advanced worlds of the infinite space there are no cities.

For example, in Sirius there are no cities, the inhabitants have made of Sirius a huge city; that is to say, they live in the country, in the mountains, each house has its garden and its orchard in which they cultivate the aliments, the fruits; they dress a humble tunic woven with a home distaff, wear metallic sandals; they do not like to destroy the trees; they have huge oceans; profound and impenetrable jungles.

Precisely, in Sirius is the Transcended Church; a marvelous hidden path lead to the Transcended Church. In each side of this path there are roses of one to two meters of diameter: inside of the Temple, there is a delicious freshness; the floor tiles are white and black to represent the fight between the Spirit and the Matter.

They have two altars in order to represent the duality of the existence. In Sirius meet constantly in certain epochs, Gurus or Ineffable Creatures of the entire cosmos, to celebrate what we call the Holy Week, that is to say, to revive the Christic Drama. Sirius is beautiful!

But to have the right to attain a physical body in Sirius is very hard, one has to become a Galactic Man. In order to become a Galactic Man, one has to descend to the infernal worlds, to work in the Forge of Cyclops, in order to create the psychological characteristics of the Galaxy.

If that characteristics are created, one wins the right to attain a body in Sirius.

If you want to follow the path, I am showing it to you, I do not know if you will want to follow this path. The people feel enthusiasm for a moment and after do not feel interest. I say that I would like to see all of you there; frankly, I would really like to see you there.

I am talking to you about what I have verified by myself in my astral travels to Sirius.

But have not been allowed to pass beyond Sirius! I am always returned, because in order
to pass beyond Sirius, in order to go beyond this Galaxy, it is unavoidable to create within ourselves this infinite, that I would call "Infinite of Einstein," a Psychologic Infinite.

If a Galactic man wants to win the right to live in any existent sun, to have the right to travel through this infinite, the right to go out of this Galaxy, he has to descend to the Ninth Sphere once again, to descent to the Infernal worlds for a while, and to work there with the demon in order to create the vehicles that will allow him to enter in the infinite. To create within ourselves a Psychologic Infinite with attributes and psychological qualities.

Any creation, does not matter what creation, has to be done with the help of sex. So if one wants to create a Psychologic Infinite, will have to descend to the Forge of the Cyclops to create the Psychological infinite. In creating that Psychologic infinite you will win the right to get out of the Galaxy, to live and travel through all the Galaxies of this infinite.

Truly one could not get out of this Galaxy and live in any other world of the infinite if one does not create within oneself a Psychologic Infinite: If one has won that right, then is freed from the Galaxy and becomes an Infinite Man.

In reaching this highs two paths appear before us: or one fuses with the Eternal Cosmic Common Father, the infinitude that sustains everything, or one decides to pass to another infinite in order to become an inhabitant of the Infinite Cosmos, following the path of the Cosmo creators.

If is in this way, one would have to descend once again to the Forge of the Cyclops, to create within oneself the qualities and powers that will allow to enter into the next infinite, talking in the language of the Pistis Sophia, I would say: "to another firmament." At last, one does not take the decision, the one that decides is the Ancient of Days. If one wants to take the decision by his own, that is incorrect, the one that commands is the Ancient of the Centuries. I would like to fuse myself among the Eternal Cosmic Common Father, in that form I would think, but I do not know what the Ancient of the Centuries would say. So, indeed I could not decide this. He would have to decide this, not me.

Conclusion: in order to advance in this path, there is no other way but to descend to the infernal worlds to work in the Forge of the Cyclops, in the sex.

Samael Aun Weor