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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 5/3/2016

In the midst of the incessant crackle of omnipresent, all-penetrating, all-merciful, cosmic FOHAT (power of the Logos), terrifying, indescribable and unspeakable carnal temptations arise naturally in the same manner that the great Gnostic Patriarch St. Augustine had visions of a delightful, naked woman when on the cross.

It is written with characters of glowing fire in the book of splendours: "Real knowledge and wise identification with all the infinite possibilities of sex, should not signify for the wise a fall into the world of instincts and illusions, save that precisely such familiarization and profound knowledge will lead us to INNERMOST SELF REALIZATION.

The Initiate who intelligently seeks the extraordinary power of the eternal and creative principle in sexuality, passes from domination of the passive to domination of the active in a well understood action that dominates the sexual energies. The knower is obviously in the position to awaken the Consciousness through death of the animal Ego.

In the field of everyday life we have been able to verify to the point of satiation that those that put aside the question of sex to live the superior life of the heart, qualifying everything to do with eroticism as taboo, will sooner or later suddenly, without warning experience weariness and despair.

It is manifestly clear that then the most deeply submerged EGOS are discharged, those that previously seemed dormant and lifeless, abruptly enter into action and all the spiritual happiness achieved with such difficulty, becomes an infernal hesitation.

That sublime expectation of "Resting in the Divine" then seems as an unprepared fling and that which shone as endless harmony is turned into an abyss of vain pipe-dreams. For this reason, one who desires to achieve true liberation should never lull themselves into a false sense of security.

It is imperative to learn how to live dangerously from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

True, direct, transcendental, mystic knowledge will certainly be impossible as long as one has inner conflict.

We need to seize the Devil by the horns, it is essential to capture the fiery torch from Tiphon Baphomet, the Billy Goat of Mendez.

The esoteric Viparitakarani teaches how the "Yogi slowly raises the semen through concentration, in such a way that man and woman can attain VAJROLI."

The woman is explicitly designated as a "Saint" during the carnal act. She should also find herself in the situation to equally transform the fire of her sexual power and be able to conduct it to superior centres of the body.

By making the semen ascend in the body, that is to say, by making it flow back inwards and upwards instead of spilling it, by reverting the drops which the ignorant and profane assign to the woman's uterus, the ethereal flame of semen begins to act, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers through which we can and must reduce the animal Ego to dust.

In the ANANGARANGA of KAYANAMALLA we have found the following TANTRIC ASANA.    


The man kneels and bends over the woman who is lying on her back. There are ten generally preferred varieties of this posture.

a.- The man positions the prone woman's legs over his shoulders and joins with her as he leans toward her.

b.- With the woman lying on her back the man arranges himself between her legs, raising them until they touch his chest and unites her.

c.- The woman keeps one leg extended on the carpet or bed, and places the other on the man's head; this position is especially stimulating in erotic sensation.

d.- The Kama-Rati position: The man situated himself between the woman's legs and outstretches her arms with his hands as far as possible.

e.- During the sexual act, the woman raises both legs up to the man's chest with him between her thighs. This is one of the postures preferred by connoisseurs in the art of love.

f.- The man kneels before the woman who is stretched out on her back, he then puts his hands under her back and lifts her towards him, whilst she draws him towards her with her hands entwined behind his neck.

g.- The man places himself between the woman's hips and her pillow-bone (occiput at back of head) so that her body is raised forming an arch. Kneeling upon a cushion, the act is performed in this most appreciated position in which both participants experience the greatest enjoyment.

h.- Whilst lying on her back, the woman crosses her legs and lifts her feet a little. This posture vividly rouses love's fire.

i.- Lying down on the bed or carpet the woman arranges one leg on her companion's shoulder, keeping the other outstretched.

j.- After introducing his penis, the man lifts the woman's legs and laying them on his shoulders, closely hugging her hips.

In the VIPARITAKASANI it says: "This practice is most excellent, the cause of liberation for the Yogi; this practice brings health and grants perfection to a Yogi.

"The VIRA-SADHAKA or HERUKA considers the Universe itself as the place of liberation.

He knows how to live wisely, with his sight set on infinite truth, he is above suspicion and reproach. By the evidence of "Saham" (I am it, that is to say, the power; without doubt penetrated by it) free from all ties to Samsara, master of his senses, proceeding to the PANCATATWA Ritual.

"This word designates the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. They are considered to be the diverse origins of the manifestation of SHAKTI (Kundalini). Cosmic power is contained within the five and the VIRA-SADHAKA carries out the task of resurrecting the primary nature of those elements as an "act of power" so as to promote the first-born of creation, SHIVA Himself.

Evidently, the intrinsic need for gradual ascension toward the transcendental origins of universal life stands out with complete absolute clarity.

Such an ascension is going to have as its base the organic nature of the Pentad.

With respect to the organic subject, ether is encountered as being closely related to woman or to sexuality (MAITHUNA); air to wine (MADYA); fire to meat (MAMSA); water to fish

(MATSYA) and earth to cereals (MUDRA).

Thus, by the intelligent enjoyment of the five "M's" (woman, wine, meat, fish and cereals) we invoke the power (SHAKTI) of the elements, bringing it to the present within ourselves here and now.

The PANCATATWA makes SHAKTI-PUJA possible (this was the Gnostic Cult to the Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti).

The wonderful sparks of MAHA-KUNDALINI are found contained in all the properties of Nature's five elements.

We urgently need to convert these sparks into flames within ourselves.

Unquestionably, even when the occult Inner Divinity is not found within the intellectual animal mistakenly called man, it extends its innermost energy in a conscious manner through the ritual PANCATATWA with the clear purpose of helping the Essence in the process of awakening...

We should know that the five elements are diverse forms of one power, which therefore try to attract the inner life of the Inmost Being in order to unite it with external life, the immanent with the transcendental, so that the Being recognises itself in the here and now. We need to learn to live intensely from instant to instant in the world of the five elements.

KARMA-YOGA, the path of the straight line, has its foundations in the Law of Balance.

How can we exercise power with regal mastery over the AKASA TATWA with the exclusion of SAHAJA MAITHUNA (Sexual Magic)!

Indian tradition says that RAMAKRISHNA established Saradelevi on the throne of the

Divine Mother in the temple and began jointly to sing the hymn to the Devi Kundalini with the ancestral ritual ceremony which culminated in the famous SHORASHI PUJA, the adoration of woman. He and she achieved SAMADHI during the MAITHUNA... In this way one reaches the point of exercising AKASA TATWA.

It is written with words of fire in the book of splendours that the power of the Solar Logos is not found in the brain, neither in the heart, nor in any other organ of the body, save exclusively in the sexual organs, the phallus and the uterus.

In no manner whatever can we develop the powers of AKASA within our inmost constitution if we commit the errors of fornication, adultery or hating sex. "All sin will be forgiven save the sin against the Holy Spirit..." (Sex)

Once, finding myself outside of the physical body I asked my DIVINE MOTHER

KUNDALINI the following question: Is it possible that someone exists in the physical world who can achieve SELF-REALISATION without SEXUAL MAGIC? The response

was both terrible and shocking. "Impossible my son, that is just not possible." I was deeply impressed and disturbed in the inmost depths of my soul...

What can we say about the Vayu Tatwa, the element of air? What is its relationship with the fruit of the Vine?

Obviously, no drunkard can possibly acquire the marvellous powers of the Vayu Tatwa... It is manifestly clear that pure unfermented wine is used with success in the Ritual of


By what method or manner can we acquire the miraculous igneous powers of the Tejas Tatwa if we make the mistake of renouncing the carnivorous element? Unfortunately, the human multitude either becomes radically vegetarian or turns almost cannibalistic.

What can we say about the Apas Tatwa and its formidable powers? It is obvious that in fish a secret is found which allows us to control storms and walk on water. Unfortunately, people either hate seafood or eat too much of it.

In what way can we conquer the powers of the Phrithvi Tatwa, the earth element, if we hate cereals, vegetables and plants or if we gorge ourselves on them?

From the aforementioned it follows that all elements, from earth to meat, are in essence absolutely pure. When the VIRA enjoys pleasure devoid of all personal character, the original motive of the cosmos, the world of phenomena, the world of Maya is revealed in sex.

The TATWIC currents which are encountered in the cosmos in harmony with structural forces that produce the Evolution and Involution of the universe, are manifested as a boundary of creation and the first-born of Nature, in the way that it raises any immense potency and transforms the will-power of VIRA who proceeds to blaze on the live coals of MAHA-KUNDALINI.

The sage Waldemar wrote in one of his books: "Prana, the sixth fundamental force, can not only have an effect on man, but is the vital principle of every being existing in the universe.

"Prana is that which is called the breath of God and which provokes vital manifestations in organisms. By the enjoyment of the five elements of the Pancatatwa Ritual, dynamism of powers, so to speak, are caused to sparkle in the sixth principle, in the constitution of beings, that is to say in the LINGAM-SARIRA, the etheric body.

"If we know how to pay due attention to the true nature of the will awakened by this scintillation, so that it is captured with an alert Consciousness not only imaginatively but also retained with our whole innermost Being, rapture of a transcendental order is then realised."

Unquestionably the sparkle of wine, woman, meat, etc. after having rotated the chakras of the vital body come to activate the superior forces of the Soul: ATMAN-BUDDHIMANU.

So as to transcend the dark mass of TAMAS (latent power) in its chaotic and inert state, special moments of ecstatic emotion must be stimulated. The individual goes "outside himself", in a certain way and the resources of wine and the sexual act, here play a decisive role.

This "going outside oneself" is, in the right sense, properly understood as an entrance into the force of the elements.

Tatwic currents encountered in the cosmos are obviously subordinate to Shakti, to the power.

Activating the power of the five elements in the living depths of the soul, it is clear that we become masters of the Tatwas. Then if we so desire, we can immortalise the physical body, being able to pass through fire without getting burnt, walk on water, calm or unleash storms, float in the air, cause hurricanes to break forth, pass through any rock of mountain from one side to another without receiving the least harm, pronounce words which paralyse or charm venomous snakes, etc. etc. etc.

OM! One obedient to the Goddess, who resembles a marvellously adorned sleeping serpent in the SWAYANBBULINGAM, enjoys that which is beloved and other delights.

It is captivated by the wine and radiates like a million rays. It will be awakened by air and fire, by the mantras YAM and DRAM and by the mantra HUM during Sexual Magic. Great imagination must be employed in the pronunciation of the mantra KRIM. It is necessary to breathe energy into it and transform it into a magic force.

Such a Mantra is not only used in Sexual Magic. It is evident that it forms a living part of the whole PANCATATWA Ritual.

The Gnostic Vira when drinking wine or eating meat, fish of cereals, pronounces the mantra KRIM, intensifying his imagination, in such a way, that the whole universe seems to overflow with the Blessed Goddess of the World. 

From the book "THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN BLOSSOM" By Samael Aun Weor download it here free!