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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 3/8/2016

Physical perceptions are seen with the physical apparatus, and the psychic ones, with the psychic apparatus.

Every sensation is an elemental shift into the Psyche’s state. There exist sensations into the Six Basic Dimensions of Nature and the Man, all of them accompanied with the Psyche’s elemental changes.

The experimented sensations always leave a trace in our memory. We have two types of memory: spiritual and animal.

The first one conserves the recollection of the sensations experienced in Superior Dimensions of space. The second conserves recollections of physical sensations. The recollections of the sensations constitute the perceptions.

Every physical or psychic perception is actually the recollection of a sensation. The recollections of sensations organize themselves into groups which associate or dissociate, either they attract or repel among themselves.

Sensations bipolarize themselves into two perfectly defined trends. The first one complies with the character of sensations. The second one complies with the time of perception of sensations. The total sum of several sensations converted into a Common Cause, is projected externally as an object. Then we say: this tree is green, tall, short, it has a pleasant or unpleasant scent, etc.

When the perception is in the Astral World or in the Mental, we may say: this object or individual has such qualities, this or that color, etc. In this prior case the total sum of sensations is internal and its projection is also internal, it belongs to fourth, Fifth or Sixth Dimensions, etc. We perceive physical perceptions with the physical apparatus and the psychical ones with the psychical apparatus. As we have physical senses of perception we also have psychical senses of perception; everyone who steps the path of initiation has to develop these psychical senses.

Concepts are always formed with the recollection of perceptions. Thus, the concepts expressed by the great adepts founders of religions are due to their transcendental recollections of their psychical perceptions.

The formation of perceptions leads to formation of words and the appearance of the language.

The formation of inner perceptions leads to the formation of the mantrical language and the appearance of the golden language spoken by the adepts and the angels. It is impossible the existence of a language when there are not any concepts, when there are not perceptions.

Those who pitch concepts about Inner Worlds without having ever perceived them, commonly misconstrue reality, even when they had great intentions.

Into the Elemental Levels of Psychic Life, many sensations are expressed through shouting, screams, sounds, etc, which reveal happiness or terror, pleasure or pain. This happens in the physical world and also into the internal worlds. The beginning of the language represent a change into the Consciousness.

Also, when the disciple already begins to talk the Universal Cosmic language, a change of consciousness has been done. Only the Serpent’s Universal Fire and the dissolution of the reincarnating Ego may produce such a change.

Concept and word are the same substance. Concept is internal and word is external. This process is similar in all the levels of the Consciousness and in all the dimensions of space.

Ideas are only abstract concepts. The Ideas are bigger concepts and belong to the world of Spiritual Archetypes. All the existing things in the physical world are copies of those Archetypes. While in Samadhi, the initiate may visit in astral or super astral journeys, the world of the Spiritual Archetypes.

The mystical contents of the transcendental sensations and emotions cannot be expressed in the common language. Words only can suggest them, pinpoint them. Actually only the Royal Art of Nature can define those superlative and transcendental emotions.

In all the serpentine civilizations the Royal Art was known. The Egyptian and Mexican pyramids, the millenarian Sphinx, the ancient monoliths, the sacred hieroglyphics, the sculptures of the Gods, etc., are the archaic witnesses of Royal Art which only speak to the Consciousness and to the ears of the initiates. The initiate learns this Royal Art during mystical ecstasy.

The space with its properties is a form of our sentient receptivity. We prove it when by means of the development the chakras we arrive to perceive the whole space in a tetra dimensional form, instead of a tridimensional in which we were accustomed to see it.

The features of the world change when the psychical apparatus changes.

The development of the chakras makes the world change to the initiate. With the development of the chakras we eliminate from our mind, the subjective elements of the perceptions. Subjective is what has no reality. Objective is the spiritual, what is real. By awakening the chakras through internal discipline, the increment of the psychical features arrive.

The newness into the psychical territory obscures the changes simultaneously processed in the perception of the physical world. The new is felt, but the initiate is not able to define logically and in an axiomatic way, the scientific difference between the old and the new. The outcome of such incapacity is the lack of perfect conceptual equilibrium. Is, thus, very urgent to achieve the conceptual equilibrium in order for the doctrinary exposition of the initiates may rightfully fulfill its purpose.

The change of the Consciousness is the true objective of the esoteric discipline.

We need the Cosmic Consciousness. This is the objective of a cosmic science; this is life and the order of the universe. The Cosmic Consciousness brings to life a new kind of intellectualism: the Enlightened Intellection. Such a faculty is the Superior Man’s characteristic.

There exists three kinds of consciousness: First: Simple Consciousness. Second: Individual Self-Consciousness. Third: Cosmic Consciousness. The first one is held by beasts. The second, the intellectual animal called man. The third one is held by the Gods. When the Cosmic consciousness is born in man, he feels internally like if the fire of the Serpent consumed him.

The gleam of the Brahamanic Splendor penetrates into his mind and into his consciousness and from there, he is initiated in a new superior order of ideas. The Brahamanic enjoyment tastes like Nirvana. When the initiate has been illuminated by the Brahamanic fire, he enters into the esoteric or secret circle of humanity. Into this circle we find an ineffable family, formed by those old Hierophants known in the world as Avatars, Prophets, Gods, etc.

The members of this distinguished family are found among all the advanced races of humankind. These beings are founders of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianism, Sufism, etc. In reality these beings are very few, but in spite of been very few, they are indeed the directors and rectors of humankind.

Cosmic Consciousness has infinite degrees of development. The new initiate’s Cosmic Consciousness is inferior to the one of an angel and of an angel cannot have the development of the one of an archangel. Regarding this, there are degrees and degrees. This is the ladder of Jacob.

It turns out impossible to reach the Cosmic Consciousness without sanctity. It is impossible to achieve sanctity without love. Love is the path of sanctity.

The most wonderful way of manifestation of love is obtained during Sexual Magic. In those instants, man and woman become one terribly divine hermaphrodite being.

Sexual Magic offers all the internal conditions needed to perceive the Brahamic Splendor. Sexual Magic provides the devotee, all the necessary igneous elements for of the Cosmic Consciousness birth.

For the development of the Cosmic Consciousness is required some instruction: the education of the elements related to the Cosmic Consciousness and the elimination of the opposite elements of the cosmic Consciousness. The most characteristic traits of those individuals well prepared to receive the Cosmic Consciousness is that they see the world as Maya (illusion).

They have the feeling that the world, such as the people see it, is only an illusion and they seek for the Great Reality, the spiritual, the truthful, that which is beyond the illusion.

For the birth of the Cosmic Consciousness is necessary that man gives himself in full to the spiritual, to the internal. Sexual Magic offers to the initiate, all the possibilities required to achieve the Brahmanic Splendor and the birth of the Cosmic Consciousness.

It is urgent to combine Sexual Magic with Internal Meditation and Sanctity. This way we prepare ourselves to receive the Brahmic Splendor. Actually the angels are perfect men. Whoever reaches the perfect stage of a MAN, becomes an angel. Those who assure that the angel is inferior to man, are falsifying the truth. Nobody can reach the angelic state if before he has not achieved the state of a perfect man.

Nobody can reach the stage of perfect manhood if he has not incarnated his soul. That is a sexual concern. Only in true men, the angel can be born. Only in true men, the Cosmic Consciousness is born.

From the book “PERFECT MATRIMONY” By Samael Aun Weor