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The New Age of AquariusThe New Age of Aquarius

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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 11/19/2015

Our actual fifth root-race, the ARYAN multitude living over the face of Earth separated from its slender stalk-father: the ATLANTEAN, are over a million years of existence and are right now in the vespers of total annihilation. Every root-race has seven sub-races. Each sub-race, at the same time, has seven ramifications or families. The small tribes, sprout from the latter are countless and all depends upon the action of destiny.


It is clear that at the beginning, any planet has one FIRST ROUND, when it becomes a simple MENTAL FORM, when is a PLANET OF MENTAL MATTER Every planet and every human race is the product of incessant evolutions and involutions which some time before began from the primitive germinal state.

Such evolutions process themselves in the higher dimensions of space.

The immense Galaxies, the solar Systems with its planets, races, animals, vegetals, etc., surge from the INTELLIGENT EVOLUTION propitiated by the CREATIVE and CONSCIOUS, PRINCIPLES, by the COSMOCREATORS.

Planet Earth surged in an extraordinary form, when the ARMY OF THE VOICE, the GREAT WORD, fecundated the WATERS OF LIFE, when it fecundated them by means of certain rites and sacred words in order for this planetary mass to come forth.

The first crystallization, as we already said, is the FIRST ROUND, the MENTAL ROUND. The SECOND ROUND surges when the planet converts itself into ASTRAL MATTER; in the THIRD ROUND, the planet converts itself into VITAL MATTER, in the FOURTH it converts itself into PHYSICAL MATTER, in the FIFTH ROUND comes back to be ETHERIC or VITAL, in the SIX comes back to be ASTRAL, in the SEVENTH turns to MENTAL and occurs the dissolution of the planet, the GREAT PRALAYA or GREAT COSMIC NIGHT comes forth.

What we explain about planet Earth is equally applicable to any Solar System. That is why the teachings talk about “GREAT DAYS” and about the “GREAT NIGHTS OF BRAHAMA”.

There are Seven ROUNDS. Now we are in the FOURTH ROUND. At this very moment Earth is passing by a process of disintegration and of planetary reintegration, that is to say, it is returning to the Forth Dimension, entering to the FIFTH ROUND.

The SEVEN ROUNDS are the GREAT WEEK of seven days, it is the HOLY WEEK. The EIGHTH ROUND is named “the ROUND OF THE LOGOS”. 



Every planet in the infinite space is the scenery of seven races, at the end of them they come back to the original point of beginning.

Our Earth has given five races, we are expecting two more. In the same order, there are seven elements of Nature.

The first race lived in the North Pole Rim and conquer the first element: FIRE. The second race, after many struggles against the Hyperborean Continent’s tempestuous atmosphere, achieved the conquest of the second element : AIR and this race adapted herself totally to the environment.

The third race lived in Lemuria, struggling with the tempestuous oceans and incessant earthquakes and conquered the third element: WATER. The fourth race lived in the ATLANTIS continent, among an aqueous atmosphere. Then men breathed by gills, but with UNIVERSAL DELUGE, a total transformation of human physiology occurred, man developed his lungs and adapted himself to the new atmosphere and perceived the physical world with his sight and conquered EARTH element.

The actual ARYAN race, occupying the five continents will conquer ETHER, the fifth element. Atomic investigations will lead man to the conquest of ETHER. Precisely in the Era of Aquarius the Aryan race must have conquered the INTERPLANETARY ETHER. Later on, CORADI the sixth race living in ANTARCTIC continent, will conquer ASTRAL LIGHT and the seventh race will conquer the COSMIC MIND. Then man will rise to angelical state.



Materialistic science, by ignoring the preceding four races in the course of centuries, establishes its basis in the dogma of evolution, in the nebular theories about the origin of Universe, and some other hypothesis that will never resist a deep analysis, because they belong to fields of simple speculation.

Actually our scientists don’t know anything about the origin of Universe and man, and regarding to the past and supposedly human EVOLUTION, they lack of specific, concrete and exact proofs. However, despite of their slight seriousness and objectivity, the idea of a troglodyte man surged by mechanical evolution, not knowing how and why, without a PRECOSMICALLY determined plan and without a CONDUCTING INTELLIGENT PRINCIPLE, occupies a predominant place into the Westerners mind.

In this general acceptance, in which “all goes into evolution” always in straight and ascendant line, that there is “no reverse or involution”, they apply it not only to human genesis but also to social phenomena, to the historical facts and even to spiritual matters, showing a state of profound unconsciousness and a total ignorance about how the Law of Evolution works.

Obviously everything that is not according to their rigid evolutionistic schemes, by these times, it is rejected in a dogmatic, pontifical and dictatorial form. It is easy to understand that the investigations of the Gnostic Anthropologists, are excessively revolutionaries and clash against the created interests. Its acceptance would make the modern thought to tremble, this would imply a full review of all the scientific philosophies of the world, it would reduce to dust all the books written regarding the dogma of evolution to be extemporaneous and useless but more over it would withdraw from the public scenery a series of personalities (Karl Marx among others).

By consequence it is very little provable, almost impossible, that official science admit the raw reality of our origin, even when the facts are demonstrating with exact proofs and unmistakable signs, the existence of a superior type of man in times considered by anthropologists as the “Stone Age” Therefore, because of such serious mistake, human multitude will always ignore where do they really come from, unless by their own will unleash themselves from the spiritualistic and materialistic dogmas, and search into the Archaic Annals, in the ancient and secret doctrine, the true genesis or origin of the Universe and Man.

Archaic Annals, in fact, talk about the SEVEN ROUNDS and about SEVEN RACES. According to that ancient wisdom, the first rootrace, the PROTOPLASMATIC race, lived in the “SACRED ISLAND”, located in the North Polar Rim. The “Sacred Island” is the same Aztec “AZTLAN”, it is the “Love Nook”, the FIRE LAND where the blissfully brother John dwells, the unprofanable “VERB”, the logos, the voice (IEOUAM, JOHN), specifying not only a man but a whole SOLAR DYNASTY.

Pregenetically, the CAUSAL LOGOS deposited in the COSMIC MAN from the first race, precious faculties and powers. The first race surged from the superior dimensions of space, wholesome and perfect. She came forth or emanated from the creative and conscious principles of the Holy Gods, from the Intelligent Principles of Nature and the Cosmos Unquestionably, the first race that populated the planet millions of years ago (350,000 Millions of years), never possessed rudimentary elements neither incipient fires, because they were prototypes of perfection, extraordinary people.

They the ones “BORN FROM THEMSELVES”, possessed intelligence, understanding and will, and more over, they possessed indestructible bodies, ductile, elastic of a beautiful black color.

The KOSMOS-MAN from the first ages of the planet or from the FIRST ROUND, the ADAM-KADMON from Genesis, was “male” and “female” at the same time. Those ANDROGYNOUS organisms reproduced themselves with the power of KRIYA SHAKTY (imagination and will), by means of fissiparous sexual act: splitting similar to cellular reproduction, projecting this way towards the exterior another independent entity.

Thus, the ADAM-KADMON, of Genesis I, MASCULINE-FEMININE Being, indubitably it was the same Elohim’s host, whose presence were then dressed with the superlative eurhythmia of their bodies. It is ostensible that all those ineffable beings were the SACRED FIRES, personifying the most occult powers of Nature. Each one of these creatures had incarnated his divinal spirit, the Being, and they knew they had it. It is not less important to know that in that ancient Golden Age the “Crystal Island” the “Land of Apollo” due to the periodic revolution of the Axis of Earth was in what today is the equatorial zone. The Hebraic Genesis, referring to them says: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created him; male and female created he them”.

From that first paradisiac race, incomparable and androgynous created to image and likeness of TEPEU K’OKUMATZ, of God, emanated the second, the HYPERBOREAN, HERMAPHRODITE SUBJECTS who reproduced themselves by means of BROTATION. Those huge multitude, inhabited the multiple regions of Septentrion, a country with the shape of a horse shoe, located towards the South side of North Pole. It was the ADAM SOLUS humanity.

The BROTATION or SPROUTING system permitted that a sprout came out from the organism (from the leg calves) and it projected itself towards the exterior, been nourished by the Hyperborean FATHER-MOTHER. It is also written with letters of gold in the immortal pages of the Book of Life, that from this kind of Divine Androgynous proceeded at the same time the third root-race; the LEMUR DUPLEX, giant hermaphrodite, imponent colossus, whose system of reproduction was the “GEMMATION”.

The MALE-FEMALE expelled always an egg (always from the ovary). It was a perfect egg, when it hatched, it came from there a new creature who had the power to move himself immediately, and be able to walk, then breast fed by the FATHER-MOTHER.

Obviously, the Lemurian civilization flourished marvelously in the continent “MU” or “LEMUR”, once before located in what is today the Pacific Ocean. Starting from the third Lemur sub-race, that humanity began to split into two opposite sexes. Then it was necessary the cooperation in order to create.

Before they had divided into two opposite sexes, it is clear (that everybody may understand it) the ovum coming from the HERMAPHRODITE, came already fertilized, on account that the Lemur “DUPLEX”, had in himself the two polarities. The Hebraic scriptures themselves tell us that “Adam lived alone (solo) in the Earthly Paradise” (the Lemur race’s ADAM-SOLUS) and then “Eve was extracted from ADAM’s rib”, which is nothing else than a simple allegory of the SEPARATION OF SEXES. The woman already converted (the EVE from Hebraic Mythology) into a bearing machine creature, surged the fourth root-race over the ATLANTEAN geologic scenery, yesterday located in what today is the Atlantic Ocean.

The first, the second and the third race were races of men in the most transcendental sense of the word, but unfortunately in life happen many unusual things and at the end of the Lemuric epoch, men degenerated, subject we will discuss in Lesson 6 of Phase “B”, titled “The Origin of the Ego” The Atlantean who followed the Lemuric, they already were not any more human, they were simply “intellectual animals” and they are the ones we come from. The Atlantis sank among the Atlantic Ocean stormy waters, due to a revolution of the axis of Earth and about that disaster or “UNIVERSAL DELUGE”, the peoples of antiquity keep a more or less confuse recollection.

The Atlantean were powerful, they had a civilization that not even remotely we the Aryan have reached. ATLAS, the most ancient of its astrologers, was their king. The poetic mind of the Helade’s children performed, and because of that he held over his back (and not over his powerful mind) the celestial machine. In the BORGIAN CODEX there is the ATLANTEOTL’s figure, whom also carries the celestial machine over his shoulders, exactly as the Greek Atlas.

Useless is to say that the legendary Greek Atlas is a faithful copy of the heroic Mayan and Aztec ATLANTEOTL. Suppressed with delicate intellectual refinement the ending “OTL” of that shining name, cited above, stands up then the word “ATLANTE”. These extraordinary linguistic concordances can be explained only thanks to the ATLANTEAN TRUNK, common to all the latinamerican and mediterranean-semite peoples.

Unquestionably, these and those ARYAN have their roots in Atlantis and there are thousands of anthropological and linguistic testimonies. In Lesson Nº 12 Phase “C” of our program, we will occupy thoroughly about this matter related to the Gnostic Anthropology For now we will tell our students that when Atlantis sank, two types of survivors were left: First, the famous TROGLODYTES, Atlantean definitely in state of involution, sank as it is obvious into the most frightful barbarism, such as science has been able to verify through the study of the unmistakable remains, found into the profound caverns of Earth. And second, Atlantean in state of evolution, the historical PELASCUS; very well educated peoples, whom since the second Atlantean catastrophe began their return towards the Eastern regions from where they were originally.

The MAYAN-ATLANTEAN are something else, they had arrived to those regions of what nowadays is called “Meso-America” much before the sinking of Atlantis, when that civilization still was in its splendor, the same as Incas and some other Mexican tribes. What stands up about this anthropologic study is that we the ARYAN multitude have surpassed the Atlantean regarding evilness.

The Atlantean priest RA-MU, who at that time warned that race about the upcoming catastrophe and told them this: “You will die with your slaves and with thy wealth and from thy ashes will surge new nations. And if they (referring to our actual Aryan race) forget themselves that they must be superior to us, not for what they acquire but by what they give, they will run the same luck.

The Aryan race has already completed its seven sub-races. The first sub-race evolved itself in the Central Asia Plateau and had a powerful esoteric civilization. The second sub-race flourished in south of Asia, in the pre-Vedic epoch and then the Hindustan “Rishis” wisdom was known, the splendor of the Chinese ancient Empire, etc. The third sub-race, unfolded marvelously in Egypt, Persia, Chaldea, etc. The fourth sub-race shimmered with the civilizations of Greece and Rome. The fifth was perfectly manifested in Germany, England and other countries. The sixth resulted from the mixture of the Spaniards and the native races of Indo-América, and seventh one is perfectly manifested in the outcome of all those mixtures of different races, such as we can evince nowadays in the United States territory. Our Aryan race, sequentially has arrived to its end. Let’s remember that every race ends with a great cataclysm, due to the natural and periodic revolution of the axis of Earth. The name of the future sixth race will be “CORADI” and will be formed by a COMPLETE FREE of “psychic aggregates” or “I’s defects” select group of people.

The “Coradí” race will live a new Golden Age, in new lands and new skys. Later on, after the development and conclusion of the seventh race, Earth will become itself a new Moon. Unquestionably, the final moment has arrived. The terrible sword of Damocles, the justice flaming sword dangles over the head of the Aryan multitude whom behind the Divinity has entered into a franc period of degeneration and involution.


Samael Aun Weor