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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 3/2/2016

We need to become human beings, and this is only possible by destroying, annihilating the “Psychological Aggregates” which incessantly alternate among themselves to control the organic machine. It is indispensable to achieve reality to stop being mere automaton, moved by waves or by “Aggregates”, which is the same, and become true, responsible and conscious individuals.

“Hence, there exist two types of humanity: one can be called MECHANIC HUMANITY and the other one we can call CONSCIOUS HUMANITY. To go from the mechanic gravity center to the conscious gravity center, we must appeal to a third force, which is the esoteric and Gnostic work on ourselves”.

Samael Aun Weor.



It is necessary to know that different Levels of the Being or different conscious levels have always existed in humanity.

This means that there are diverse degrees of grasping and comprehension of that which we call “the truth”. In many ancient countries (Egypt and Greece for instance) there existed two religious or mystical forms, one joined to the other. One consisted in the popular cults which were representing the partially forgotten ancient esoteric teachings, while the other was the SCIENCE OF THE RELIGIONS, the Religion of the Mysteries, which went beyond the conscious level of multitude and which explained the allegoric or symbolic meaning of the teachings, that is to say, it gathered those individuals who belonged to the EXOTERIC OR PUBLIC CIRCLE, were making efforts to reach the MESOTERIC CIRCLE and then the ESOTERIC OR INTERNAL CIRCLE.

Jesus’ parables, the Master of Masters, are evident proof of what we have already said. The Great Kabir or “Divine Male” certainly expressed himself before the multitudes, but only those who “had understanding”, “eyes to see” and “ears to hear”, could grasp the occult or esoteric significance of his words.

By what we have said, it becomes easy to understand that in the EXOTERIC CIRCLE lives the sleeping humanity, the unconscious humanity, the mechanic humanity, those who the Christic Gospel names as “the dwellers of Earth”.


In the MIDDLE or MESOTERIC CIRCLE live those who having initiated the work on themselves have achieved the equilibrium of the five centers of their organic machine, and in the ESOTERIC CIRCLE live the “dwellers of the kingdom” (the kingdom of heavens) that is to say, the Conscious Humanity, the Awakened Humanity.

The “Kingdom of Heaven” is constituted by the Superior Dimensions of Space, named ‘AEONS’ in the “Pistis Sophia”, the secret teachings of Jesus the Christ, and called “SEPHIROTH” by the ancient Jewish Rabbis.

However, what the student should be interested in, is to know the methods or proceedings that allow him to escalate the Superior Levels of the Being, and for that it is necessary that the Magnetic Center which is established in abnormal form in the illusory Personality or False Personality, be transferred to the Essence, to the Consciousness, and that is what we are going to talk about next.



 If we carefully observe any day of our life, we will see that we do not know how to live consciously and intelligently.

Our life seems to be a train in motion, advancing within the fixed rails of rigid and mechanic habits; within the rails of a vain and superficial existence.

The most curious of this case is that it will never come to our mind to modify the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual habits; our habits are always the same, we are MECHANICAL PEOPLE, this is the reason why we lack Superior Emotions in everything we do in life. By consequence, the first step towards a Superior Level, consists of transferring the Center of Gravity to the Essence or Consciousness’ affairs, observing, comprehending and eliminating the MECHANICITY in all and each one of the five centers of the Organic Machine.

As far as the profound Psychology is concerned, the term “Gravity Center” emphasizes the psychological element from which we focus our life and therefore attracts all our surrounding circumstances.

When the magnetic center is located in the False Personality, or which is the same as the commanding “I’s”; our thoughts, feelings and actions lack control, they move mechanically.

In the opposite direction, when the Magnetic Gravity Center is located in the Consciousness, we can then modify the diverse mechanical reactions of the centers and as a result our life turns out to be harmonious and poised.

Obviously for this to happen we must practice PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF OBSERVATION from moment to moment, from instant to instant, and also practice daily INTROSPECTION or INTIMATE PSYCHO-ANALYSIS, in order to comprehend and eliminate the causes of the mechanicity.

Unfortunately, the majority of humans have set the Magnetic Center of the Personality in entertainment and distractions, in the Bar, in the discotheque, in businesses, in brothels, in the daily anxiety, in gossiping, in idle things, in the ambiguous and insubstantial conversation, etc.

Everyone has then, a characteristic Magnetic Center. The Merchant, for instance, has the Magnetic Center in commerce, and for that reason he is busy in the markets, stores, etc., and attracts what is akin to him: buyers, salesmen, and so on. The scientist has his personality in the Magnetic Center of Sciences and attracts towards himself all the things of that kind: books, laboratories, computers, etc. The Gnostic Esotericist has arranged his Magnetic Gravity Center in the transcendental and transcendent wisdom, as anyhow, this kind of center turns out to be different from the matters of the False Personality.

Indubitably the transference happens and the process of DYING IN ONESELF, the SECOND BIRTH and WORKING NOBLY AND UNSELFISHLY FOR HUMANKIND begins, let’s say the ascension of the MOUNTAIN OF THE BEING starts, and one enters in fact and by one’s own right into the MESOTERIC CIRCLE, and later on to the ESOTERIC CIRCLE.

Men differ among themselves then not only by the merely physical appearance, but primordially, or mainly by the Level of the Being they have, and by the degree of consciousness they have acquired.

According to the percentage of Consciousness and according to the predominance of some of the centers, Gnostic Science divides men into seven categories, and that is what we are going to study now.



When we analyze all of these aspects of the HUMAN INTERIOR, by simple logical deduction we have to accept the existence of the different levels of the Being.

We could never deny, thus, the SEVEN LEVELS OF THE BEING, the SEVEN KINDS OF PEOPLE, or the SEVEN KINDS OF MEN, using the word “MAN” in a merely conventional form and as to not hurt any susceptibilities.

We have already studied in past lectures, the five centers of the human machine: intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual. Now we must say that some men have arranged their Gravity Center in the INSTINCT, others may have set it in the EMOTIONAL CENTER, others in the INTELLECTUAL CENTER, and so on.

We shall call “MAN # 1” the INSTINCTIVE individual, the EMOTIONAL we shall call him “MAN # 2” and the INTELLECTUAL subject we shall call him “MAN # 3”.

There is no doubt that the Instinctive individual moves himself in such a way that we could call him “quasi unidimensional” going from the pleasant to the unpleasant and that’s all.

These kind of people don’t like anything that could spoil their comfortability, they only long for their own pleasant pleasures, they only live to satisfy their instincts. Sexual psychopathies, drunken sprees, gluttonies, brutal sports, etc., are practiced by men and women who belong to this classification.

The second level may be found in EMOTIONAL people. Such people evolve in the world of inferior emotions, they don’t understand any kind of reasoning and their lives are sentimental.

 The third kind of people belong to the intellective level or intellectual one; they are people whose Gravity Center is in the brain, in the intellect and they posses SUBJECTIVE REASONING and it would be very difficult for them to break the intellective vicious circle. Intellectual people want to submit all things of Universe to their intellectual reasonative cerebral processes, they never accept anything that doesn’t belong to conceptualism (rejecting the view point of Universal Gnosticism, for instance) and all that don’t fit within their dialectic reasoning.

The fourth level of men (MAN Nº 4) is different. In the fourth level of men we find him who has achieved the perfect development and equilibrium of all the centers. In the fourth level of man we find perfect harmony and perfect rhythmic concordance in the functioning of the human machine.

To reach the fourth level, as is already said, is necessary to work over oneself with the THIRD FORCE or BALANCING FORCE, developing integrally the centers through SELF-EDUCATION and the obliteration of the Ego.

Nobody could develop the five centers if he rejected the existing activities of the world. It is clear that many practical life activities serve to self-educate the three parts which the human machine cylinders are made of.

The sexual center works and evolves harmoniously with the TRANSMUTATION of the creative energy.

The instinctive center, certainly doesn’t need to go through any educative regime, because it keeps us alive managing intelligently the physical organism activities. However, by fasting, eating balanced meals and the practice of techniques & principles of Universal Gnosticism, such center sets and equilibrate in harmony with the infinite by itself.

The motor center or movement center, self-educates through harmonious and conscious habits, reviewing attentively all our habitual behavior, practicing some physical exercises with the purpose of leading us to relaxation and “SELF-REMEMBERING” or simply doing sane sports outside walking or practicing specific manual activities.

The emotional center may develop in a superlative form through the cultivation of arts, learning to play some musical instrument, painting or concentrating on the music of the great Masters such as Beethoven, Litz, Mozart, etc.

The intellectual center may be able develop through the intelligent reading of classical books, studying esotericism contained in the sacred texts of ancient cultures, and so on and so forth.. Indubitably, nobody could, for instance, become MAN NUMBER 3 or INTELLECTUAL MAN without having passed through the intermediate levels.

If anyone is in the instinctive center and wishes to become an EMOTIONAL MAN, he would have to understand that his life is instinctive and it totally absorbs all the activities of his existence, he only lives according to his animal instincts and even among perverted natural instincts.

Once that is comprehended, he may develop the emotional aspect in his nature. At the same time, if the EMOTIONAL MAN wishes to become intellectual, he must do as much as is necessary.

MEN 1, 2 and 3 form the “TOWER OF BABEL” or “confusion of tongues”. In that TOWER of the EXOTERIC CIRCLE is where nobody understands each other, where wars are processed and where all the conflicts of human kind are formed. Beyond that “TOWER”, the men of the fourth level are, these are people who don’t have the Gravity Center established exclusively in the intellect, or in the merely mechanic or instinctive-motor center, or exclusively in the emotional side.

Men from the fourth level are not satisfied with simple beliefs they set themselves aside from the struggles between materialism and spiritualism, they want to know something else through the direct mystical experience, they long to know the profound significance of life, they have the suspicion that life must have some significance, and that all of this must make some kind of sense and they look for the answers within themselves; therefore, “MEN NUMBER 4” are the hope for tomorrow.

There exists also “MEN NUMBER 5” or the FIFTH LEVEL (there are a few, but they do exist). Men from fifth level are those who have built an ASTRAL BODY for their personal use. The “intellectual animal” mistakenly called “man”, doesn’t possess that Sidereal Vehicle or “Eidolon” of the medieval alchemists, because such an instrument is not essential to survive. The planetary body or physical body, as it is endowed of an organic VITAL NATURE, it by itself has the necessary principles to subsist on Earth. Beyond people of the fifth level are set men of the sixth level.

MEN NUMBER 6 are those who have developed within themselves the Objective Reasoning, those who posses an INDIVIDUAL MENTAL BODY. As long as we don’t reach the sixth level, we will not have Individual Mind but SCATTERED MIND.

Far beyond MAN NUMBER 6 is MAN NUMBER 7: the CAUSAL MAN the authentic MAN, the man who has built his Conscious Body of Will or Causal Body.

The Masters of the Conscious Solar Humanity Circle have their Gravity Center firmly established in the Causal World and from there they project themselves towards the World of the Mind or towards the Astral World or towards the Physical World.

The Causal Man or MAN NUMBER 7, is an Adept who begins his ascension towards the PERFECTION OF MASTERSHIP; he still has “I’s”, but because he has received the Animic and Spiritual Principles if he perfects Mastership he may unite himself with the Divinity, with his REAL INNER BEING, and become a Super-Man.

From the Causal World, through the Masters who dwell in the “Kingdom”, come some types of influences which are necessary to analyze and to comprehend what is an authentic SCHOOL OF HUMAN REGENERATION.

INFLUENCES “A”, “B” and “C”

 In the world there are three types of influences: A, B and C. Influences “A” are all of those prejudices of human kind all the physical world laws, all of those businesses, all of that which is called “family”, “environment” in general all the HORIZONTAL LINE matters of existence, of the EXOTERIC or PUBLIC CIRCLE of sleeping humanity.

The “B” influences are different: they are formed by currents of esoteric or occultist type, by the Schools of Regeneration such as our ‘Gnostic Associations of Studies of Anthropology and Sciences’. The “C” influences belong to something different to the mechanic humanity: “C” influences come directly from the DIVINE HUMANITY from the CONSCIOUS HUMANITY, from those who already achieved the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being.

Those types of “C” influences could not be accessible to us if they would not become influences of “B” type, because the language of the Adepts is addressed to the Consciousness, it belongs to the Dialectic of the Consciousness, in order to be understood by people, they must convert into “B” influences. Then, when the student understands by himself that there are not only “A” influences, when he comprehends that there exist also “B” influences and that they can be found in books, allegories, Medieval Alchemists teachings, or in pyramids, niches, millenary sepulchers, Sphinxes, monoliths, sculptures, paintings, the great masters’ music, etc., then begins the search for the DIVINE HUMANITY, from where, as we have said, influences “C” come from.

Influences “B” awake in the aspirant a very special emotion, a very intimate emotion which leads him to work over himself in order to achieve the AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and thus, some day he will get into the MESOTERIC CIRCLE and later on, to the ESOTERIC CIRCLE.

By studying and experimenting Gnosis, rises in us the emotion and then the work turns out to be conscious; that is the way to work consciously.

Thus, it is necessary for the students of this theoretical-practical course, to feel the emotion in the work.

We are not talking about the mere intellectual or mechanical work, because that is not good for anything. All the work on ourselves is done with the emotion, that is to say, it has to be emotional, it has to be a LONGING and an ASPIRATION, which is the same as the SUPERIOR EMOTION.

 If we analyze the intellectual center we see that it has two aspects; positive and negative. And it has to be like that, because, on the contrary: the comparative process, the analytic process, and the logic confrontation could not exist.

The intellectual center has its positive pole which is “Yes” and its negative pole which is “No”, but the one who gives the true value to the esoteric work is the emotional center: it is the one who assesses the work and from such center comes the CONSCIOUS WILL, the WILL OF THE BEING, which is what really counts.

Only with that kind of will can one persevere and succeed in this work.

Thus, in order to experience influences “C” we must seek for the Superior Emotion and this is achieved with meditation techniques and Astral Projection.

The true esoteric investigations are achieved through daily practice, that, as we have explained, begins with Self-observation. To reach the “C” influences implies a methodic and ordained work, beginning with “B” influences, studying and using the PRACTICAL IDEAS of such “influences”.

The Gnostic Schools or Gnostic Associations have their basis in the ESOTERIC CIRCLE, INTERNAL CIRCLE or CONSCIOUS CIRCLE OF SOLAR HUMANITY, which operates on the superior centers of the Being.

These two centers are: 1- Superior Intellectual and 2- Superior Emotional. The student has to purify his five inferior centers, with the purpose of receiving “C” influences which come from and through the two superior centers. “To purify the centers” means the obliteration of the “psychic aggregates” or “I’s” which are located in each one of them and control them. And now, let’s go and study the MYSTERIES OF LIFE AND DEATH, that arrive through the “B” influences.

Samael Aun Weor