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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 5/3/2016

There exist in the universe twelve basic hydrogen, arranged ac cording to the twelve categories of matter. These twelve categories of matter exist in all creation; for example, the twelve zodiacal salts and the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration within which a solar humanity must develop.

From the twelve basic hydrogen are derived all the secondary hydrogen whose densities vary from 6 to 12,283. The term hydrogen has an extensive meaning in Gnosticism. Any simple element is actually a hydrogen of a certain density. Hydrogen 384 is found in water; hydrogen 192 is in the air; hydrogen 96 is wisely deposited in animal magnetism, emanations of the human body, X-rays, hormones, vitamins, etc.

Brothers and sisters of the Gnostic Movement are already familiar with hydrogen 48, 24,

12, and 6 because we have studied them in our previous Christmas messages. Hydrogen

48 corresponds to chlorine (Cl, atomic weight 35.5); hydrogen 24 corresponds to fluorine (Fl, atomic weight 19); hydrogen 12 corresponds to the hydrogen of chemistry (H, atomic weight 1).

Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen have atomic weights of 12, 14, and 16. Hydrogen 96 corresponds to bromine (Br, atomic weight 80); hydrogen 192 corresponds to iodine (I, atomic weight 127). This interesting subject of hydrogen belongs to the area of occult chemistry or Gnostic chemistry. Since this topic is so difficult, we prefer, for the well being of our students, to study it a little at a time in each of our Christmas messages.

We will proceed now to study the famous sexual hydrogen, SI-12, the marvelous creative hydrogen that is wisely manufactured in the factory of the human organism. The food we eat passes through many transformations, refinements, and subtleties, and these processes occur like the musical scale, DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL- LA-SI.

The food we eat begins with the note DO; the chime from this first stage of transformation moves on to RE; this refined food passes by osmosis into the blood stream and continues with the note MI. Successive processes follow until there remains the best of the whole organism, the marvelous elixir, the seminal liquor, with its hydrogen 12 in the note SI. Sexual hydrogen SI- 12 is found in the semen; it is the creative power of the Third Logos. The first musical octave, DO - RE - MI- FA – SOL - LA - SI corresponds exactly to the production of sexual hydrogen SI-12 inside the organism.

The Maithuna (Sexual Magic) produces a special shock, which permits sexual hydrogen SI-12 to pass to a second musical octave, DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI. The result of this is a crystallization of sexual hydrogen SI-12 into the extraordinary form of the Astral Body. We call this the transmutation of lead into gold. The transmutation of flesh and blood into the Astral Body is urgent

A second shock by means of the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) allows the sexual hydrogen SI-12 to pass to a third musical octave, DO-RE MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI, whose result is the crystallization of sexual hydrogen S1-12 into the wonderful form of the Mental Body (body of paradise).

A third shock by the Maithuna permits the hydrogen SI-12 to pass to the fourth musical octave, the result of which is the crystallization of the sexual hydrogen SI-12 into the magnificent form of the Conscious Will or Causal Body.

Sexual hydrogen SI-12 is both seed and fruit, and it is amazing that it always crystallizes into organisms of flesh and bone. Let us remember that the physical body is the result of sexual hydrogen SI-12.

The Astral Body is also the result of that special act, the Maithuna (union of phallus and uterus without spilling the semen). The Astral Body is a body of flesh and bone; however, that flesh does not come from Adam, but is the product of sexual hydrogen SI12.

The true Mental Body is the product of the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) and sexual hydrogen SI-12. This is the body of paradise, a body of perfection, a body of flesh and bone, but flesh that does not come from Adam.

The Body of Conscious Will, also called the Causal Body, is also the result of the Maithuna, the sexual act without spilling the semen.

The crystallization of the sexual hydrogen SI-12 produces the Body of Conscious Will, the Causal Body.

The authentic Astral Body, the true Mental Body, and the legitimate Causal Body: these are solar bodies, the existential superior bodies of the Being.

Whoever builds the existential superior bodies of the Being, the solar bodies, in the Ninth Sphere, is able, and has every right, to incarnate his Real Being, his triune immortal spirit: Atman, Buddhi, Manas; Divine Spirit, Life Spirit, Human Spirit, Intimus, Spiritual Soul, Human Soul. When someone reaches these initiatic heights, a new man is born, the son of Man, a new Master of the Day, a Master of the Manvantara.

The physical body is sustained with hydrogen 48. The surplus of this hydrogen is converted into hydrogen 24, which feeds the Astral Body. The surplus of hydrogen 24 is converted into hydrogen 12 (do not confuse this with this sexual hydrogen SI-12). Hydrogen 12 feeds the Mental Body; the excess of hydrogen 12 is transformed into hydrogen 6, which feeds the body of conscious will, the authentic Causal Body.

To create the solar bodies, we must work in the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, without spilling the semen; we must work in the fiery forge of Vulcan, in the Ninth Sphere (sex). This si more bitter that bile twenty or thirty years of daily sexual connection with only one spouse without ever spilling even one drop of semen, without permitting the semen to escape from the organism.

The twice born, who is born in the superior worlds as Master of the Manvantara, who leaves the Ninth Sphere because he has completed his work, can never return to the Ninth Sphere. To do so would be a crime: it would be like a child wanting to return to his mother’s womb after his birth.

The twice born is a son of Mother Kundalini, and if he wishes to progress, he must love his Divine Mother, never forgetting Her. The sexual act is forbidden to the twice born for all eternity, and he must achieve absolute chastity in all areas of the mind.  

From the book "Buddha's Necklace" by Samael Aun Weor download it here for free


On this Christmas 1965-1966, it is urgent for us to comprehend in an integral manner the necessity of liberating ourselves from this world of 48 laws in which we live, if what we want is to not degenerate and fall into the horrifying world of 96 laws. Indeed, the study of the 48 laws in which we live is a very profound study. If we want to liberate ourselves from the 48 laws, then we must study these laws within ourselves.

In the beginning, we comprehend that we are controlled by innumerable laws that were created by ourselves and by the people who surround us. Later we will comprehend that we are enslaved by these laws. Thus, when we began to liberate ourselves from all of those boring laws created by society, it is clear that our fellowmen become our enemies, because of the fact that we no longer coincide with them in regard to their mistaken manner of thinking, feeling, and acting.

The revolution of the consciousness is terrifying; this is why it is instinctually mortally hated by our fellowmen, since they do not know it. To make the sexual energy return inwardly and upwardly, to dissolve the “I,” and to give our life for the sake of others, is something strange and exotic for the goat kids who are as numerous as the sands of the sea, and who live amongst us. Yes, the revolution of the consciousness is impossible for the abusers of sex. Surely, goat-skinned people are not willing to leave their sexual abuses.

The human machine has seven centers—five inferior and two superior—which seems likely to be unsuspected by people. Let us study the five inferior centers: the intellectual center is the first, the emotional center is the second, the center of movement is the third, the instinctual center is the fourth, and the sexual center is the fifth.

Undoubtedly, it is certain that sex is the center of gravity of all human activities. Moved by sex, people go to church; moved by sex, they meet at the café; moved by sex, they dance. When a man finds his woman companion and they sexually unite, then society has begun.

The mechanicity of sex is frightening; regrettably, the intellectual animal does not want to comprehend it. When we acquire cognizance of sex and its functions, when we practice Maithuna (Sexual Magic), then that mechanicity disappears and we begin to tread the path of sexual regeneration.

Sex has the great power to enslave and the great power to liberate totally.

The new birth—about which Jesus spoke unto Nicodemus—depends totally upon sex. The internal Angel must be born from sex, and we can achieve this only by means of Maithuna—yes, if we yearn for a true Nativity, then we need the God Child of Bethlehem to be born within us, and this is only possible with Maithuna.

Sex works with and produces the marvelous Hydrogen Ti-12: it is seed, the seed within which the

Internal Angel abides in a latent state. We already explained that with the transmutation of

Hydrogen Ti-12 we can build the true Astral Body, the true Mental Body, and the legitimate Causal Body; in our former messages we have spoken very clearly about this. No abuser of sex will be able to build the Existential Bodies of the Being, thus this is why after physical death those wretched individuals continue to exist with lunar vehicles. Listen: only when we build the Solar Bodies—the existential, superior bodies of the Being—can we then liberate ourselves from the 48 laws.

There is abuse of sex when sexual energy acts through the other centers of the human machine, or when the energy of the other centers acts through the sexual center. Each center of the human machine should work with its own energy, but regrettably the other centers of the human machine steal the energy of sex. There is abuse of sex when the intellectual, emotional, motion, or instinctual centers steal sexual energy. What is most serious of all of this is that in like manner, in order to be able to work, the sexual center steals energy from the other centers; all of this is abuse of sex. When the sexual center works with its own Hydrogen Ti-12, then it can be transmuted in order to build the existential bodies of the Being. Regrettably, people abuse sexual energy. People take pleasure in disorder and in the squandering of Hydrogen Ti-12.

To discover people’s abuse of sex is easy, since when there is abuse of sex, the intellect, emotion, movement, and instinct have a certain special “flavor,” a certain unmistakable nuance, a certain passion, a certain vehemence that leaves no room for doubt. This can be seen in all of the mental tactics of those gentlemen of war, in bullfights, in the passionate efforts of soccer players during the Olympic Games, in the violent, passional instincts of people. Everywhere there is squandering of diabolic intellect, violent emotions, passional movements, passional races of cars, horses, bicycles,

Olympic games, etc., likewise beastly instinctual actions. It is clear that in all of this is abuse of sex.

The most critical of all of this abuse is that the sexual center is forced to work with heavier hydrogens that correspond to the other centers. When the sexual center is forced to work with Hydrogens like 24, 48, etc., then it is impossible to build the superior, existential bodies of the Being.

Those who enjoy watching pornographic films, novels, and paintings utilize the sexual energy through the thinking center, and it is clear that they hang about with the tendency of satisfying themselves solely with that sexual fantasy, and sooner or later acquire the psycho-sexual type of impotence, which is the impotence of those who lamentably fail when they really are going to perform the sexual act.

When the emotional center steals the sexual energy, then emerge stupid sentimentalities, jealousy, cruelty, etc.

When the center of movement works with the Hydrogen Ti-12 stolen from sex, then the abusers of the center of movement appear, like football players, circus acrobats, cyclists of great races, etc. When the instinctual center steals the sexual energy, then there is instinctual, passional squandering through violent acts.

Indeed, abuse of sex ends when we establish a “permanent center of gravity” within ourselves.

We have already stated—and now we repeat again—that the “I” is a legion of devils. Yes, the “I” exists in a pluralized manner. The five cylinders of the human machine originate and empower all of those little legions of “I’s” that in their conjunction constitute that which is called ego, the “I”, the Self-willed. The pluralized “I” clumsily squanders the Essence that we carry within, which we need in order to build Soul. So, when we dissolve the pluralized “I,” then the squanderer is terminated, the Essence is accumulated within us, and becomes a permanent center of gravity. When we establish within ourselves a permanent center of gravity, then sex works with its own energy, with its own Hydrogen, the Hydrogen Ti-12. Gnostic esotericism teaches that when the sexual center works with its own energy, with its own Hydrogen, then abuse of sex ceases, because then each center works with the energy that corresponds to it, with the Hydrogen that corresponds to it, and not with the Hydrogen Ti-12 stolen from sex.

If we want to end the abuse of sex, then it is necessary to dissolve the “I.” In the past, many initiates partially dissolved the “I,” and thanks to this they were able to build the superior, existential bodies of the Being. Regrettably, they soon forgot the necessity of totally disintegrating their “I” in a radical manner. The outcome of that negligence was a renewed strengthening of their pluralized “I.” Those types of initiates were transformed into hasnamussen with a “double center of gravity.” In the internal worlds, these types of subjects have a double personality: one white and the other black. For example: Andrameleck. When we invoke this magician in the Molecular World, either a great Adept from the White Lodge or a great Adept from the Black Lodge can attend our call; they are two Adepts, and nevertheless one, same individual. Andrameleck is a hasnamuss with double center of gravity; he is simultaneously a black and a white magician.

Whosoever does not want to truly suffer the horrible fate of Andrameleck has to intensively work with the three basic factors of the revolution of the consciousness. Whosoever wants to become liberated from the 48 laws must finish with the abuse of sex. Whosoever wants to finish with the abuse of sex must annihilate the “I,” reduce it to dust. It is urgent to establish a complete equilibrium of all five centers of the human machine, and this is only possible by dissolving the “I.”

From the book "The Science of Music" download it here now