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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 8/11/2015

“A point is a cross section of a line. A line is a cross section of a plane. A plane is a cross section of a body.  A body is the cross section of a Tetra-Dimensional body; that is to say, of four dimensions.”


Even if it seems incredible, when the student Self-Observes himself he does not Self-Remember.

The students, without a doubt, really do not perceive themselves, they are not conscious of themselves.

It seems unlikely that when the Gnostic student Self-Observes his way of laughing, talking, walking, etc. He forgets himself. This is incredible but true.

Nonetheless it’s indispensable to try to Self-Remember while we Self-Observe, this is fundamental in order to awaken Consciousness.

To Self-Observe and get to know Your-Self without forgetting One-Self is terribly difficult, but tremendously urgent in order to awaken Consciousness.

What we are saying seems silly, people ignore that they are asleep, they ignore that they do not remember themselves, even if they look at their full bodies in a mirror, not even if they meticulously observe themselves in detail.

This forgetting of oneself, this of not remembering oneself, is really the cause of all human ignorance. When any man gets to profoundly comprehend that he cannot remember himself, that he is not conscious of himself, he is very close to the awakening of Consciousness.

We have to deeply reflect what we are saying here. It’s very important and it cannot be comprehend if we read it mechanically. Our readers should reflect. People are not capable of feeling their own “I” while they Self-Observe, to make it change from one Center to another, etc.

To observe the way we talk, laugh, walk, etc., without forgetting oneself, feeling that “I” inside, is very difficult, but nonetheless basic and fundamental in order to achieve the awakening of Consciousness.

The great Master Ouspenski said: “The first impression I received from the exertion of being conscious of my Being, of being conscious of My-Self like I, to tell myself: I am walking, I am doing, and to try to maintain this I alive, to feel it inside me, was the following: My thinking stayed as if asleep, when I grasped the “I,” I couldn’t think nor talk, even the intensity of the sensations diminished; additionally, one could only maintain that state for a brief instant.”

We need to dissolve the “Pluralized I,” make it ashes, but we have to get to know it; study it in the forty nine subconscious levels, symbolically represented in Gnosticism as the fortynine demons of Jaldabaoth.

If a doctor is going to remove a cancerous tumor, he needs to know it first, if a person wants to dissolve an “I,” he or she needs to study it, become conscious of it, know it in the fortynine subconscious levels.

During the intimate Remembrance of the Self, in the super exertion made to be conscious of our own “I,” it’s clear that the attention gets divided, and here we return again to the division of attention. One part of your attention gets directed logically to the exertion made, the other towards the Ego or “Pluralized I.”

Intimate Self-Remembrance is more than analyzing oneself; it’s a new state that you can get to know only through direct experience. At some time every human being has had those moments, states of intimate Self-Remembrance; maybe in a instant of infinite terror, maybe as a child or in a trip, when we exclaim: What am I doing here? Why am I here?

Self-Observation simultaneously accompanied with Self-Remembrance is terribly difficult but nonetheless indispensable for true Self-Knowledge.

The “Pluralized I” ends up doing always the opposite during meditation, the “I” enjoys fornication when we try to understand lust; he appears in any of the fortynine subconscious levels of Jaldabaoth, when we try to understand anger, he covets not being covetous when we try to reduce greed to dust.

Intimate Self-Remembrance is being fully aware of all the subconscious processes of the Me-Myself, the Ego, the “Pluralized I.”

To Self-Observe our way of thinking, talking, walking, eating, feeling, etc., without forgetting the Self, of the intimate processes of the Ego, of what is happening there inside, in the fortynine subconscious levels of Jaldabaoth, truly is terribly difficult but nonetheless fundamental for the awakening of consciousness.

Self-Observation, intimate Self-Remembrance, starts the development of the spatial sense, which gets fully developed with the awakening of Consciousness.

The chakras mentioned by Mr. Leadbetter and so many other authors, are in relationship to the spatial sense, what flowers are in relationship to the tree that gives the flowers life. What’s fundamental is the tree. The spatial sense is the normal function of the awakened Conscience. Every truly awakened Man can see, hear, touch, smell, and feel everything that occurs in the fortynine subconscious levels of Jaldabaoth.

Every truly awakened Man can verify for himself, through direct experience, the dreams of the people, he can see the dreams of the persons walking in the street, those who work in factories, those who govern, in every creature.

Every truly awakened Man can see, hear, smell, touch and feel all the things in the Superior Worlds.

Whoever wants to experience the reality of everything that happens in the Superior dimensions of space, must awaken Consciousness here and know.

From the book “Buddha’s Collar” by Samael Aun Weor


If we attentively observe anything from this Mayavic (illusory) world in which we live in, such as a table, for instance, we discover with mystical astonishment three aspects perfectly defined, namely: length, width and height.

However, it is evident that in the table used in our example, a specific and totally defined fourth factor exists. I am referring to the concept of Time.

How much time has passed since the humble carpenter created that gleaming table? Only minutes? Maybe hours? Months? Years?

Length, width and height are, without any possible doubt (even if these are of a Cartesian type) the three Euclidean aspects of this three-dimensional world within which, for good or for bad, we live in. It is evident that it would be absurd to exclude the fourth factor from our postulations.

Thus, considering Time in itself as the Fourth Dimension, it intrinsically contains two fundamental properties, namely, temporal and spatial.

It is positive, authentic and undeniable that the chronometric aspect of life is exclusively the unstable surface from the spatial depth.

Many years before, prior to the time of the wise Einstein, who surprised the world with his famous Theory of Relativity, any learned person conceived the factor of time as a straight line. However, in this day and age, any intellectual person accepts that such a factor is a curve. Nonetheless, it is also obvious that in this present century, people who think with a medieval mind still exist.

Great modern, intellectual people, utopians by nature, beautifully fantasize when thinking that Eternity is also a straight line, time prolonged in an indefinite way.

Revolutionary Gnosticism dialectally teaches that Eternity in itself has nothing to do with the concept of Time.

The International Gnostic Movement emphatically affirms that a Fifth Dimension exists, known with the solemn name of Eternity.

In accordance with the wise Law of Reoccurrence, everything in life comes to occur again, just as it happened within the vicious circle of time.

Indeed, the times are eternally repeated. Yet, let time not be confused with eternity. An incessant repetition of events and times exist inside the Eternal Now of the great life. The curve of time perfectly revolves within the perfect circle of eternity; yet, it is evident that these two wheels are different.

That which is beyond these two mysterious circles is the Sixth Dimension, and we must search for the living foundation of any Cosmo genesis within the unknowable Zero Region.

Considering that, mathematically, the wise Einstein already demonstrated the relativity of time; we can emphasize the idea that the fourth factor (time) of our three-dimensional world, within the Unmanifested Absolute, has no existence.

Before the flaming heart from this Solar System of Ors, within which we live, move and have our Being, started to intensely palpitate after the Great Pralaya (Cosmic Night), time did not exist. It was lying asleep within the profound bosom of the Abstract Absolute Space.

If at the end of the Mahamanvantara (Cosmic Day), the seven basic dimensions of the universe remain reduced into a simple mathematical point, which is lost as a drop within the Great Ocean, then, it is evident that time ceases to exist.

The worlds as well as human beings, animals and plants, are born, grow up, get old and die. Everything that breathes under the sun has a defined period of time. The Unity of Life of any living creature is equivalent, as a fact and by its own right, to every single beat of its heart.

Indeed, it has been wisely stated unto us that the whole starry heaven is a system of hearts that intensely beat. It is evident that each heartbeat from the worlds is performed every 27,000 years.

The complete life of any world, which sparkles and blazes within the profound bosom of the inalterable infinite, is equivalent to the complete sum of 2,700,000,000 beats from the cosmic heart.
The humble insect that only lives an evening in summer, lives, indeed, as much as any human being or any world; yet, in a very accelerated way.

It is written with embers of ardent fire that the number of cardiac beats for beasts, human beings and worlds is always the same; however, sometimes more fast or more slow.

Time is extremely relative. Thus, through the staged show of the world, many actors pass by each carrying their own chronometer.

Moreover, secret calculations and esoteric time also exist. Any Adept knows this.



In Catalonia, Spain there exists a marvelous temple in the state of “Jinas.” It’s the Temple of Monserrat. In this temple the Holy Grail is stored; it is the silver chalice in which Jesus the Christ drank the wine in the last supper. The coagulated blood of the Redeemer of the World is contained in the Holy Grail. Esoteric tradition tells us that the roman senator Joseph of Aremathea filled that chalice with Regal Blood at the foot of the cross of the Redeemer. Blood flowed from the wound of the Adorable and the Chalice got filled.

In the Temple of Monserrat there lives a group of Masters of the Great White Lodge. Those are the Knights of the Holy Grail. In other times, the Temple of Monserrat and the Holy Grail were visible for the entire world. Later, that Temple with its Holy Grail became invisible. The Temple exists in the state of “Jinas.” The Temple with the Graal (Grail) submerged itself within hyperspace. Now we can only visit the Temple in Astral body or also with the physical body in the state of “Jinas.”

A physical body can be withdrawn from the tri-dimensional world and be placed in the Fourth Dimension. All this can be done with the wise use of hyperspace. Soon, astro-physics will demonstrate the existence of hyperspace. The native tribes of America thoroughly knew the science of “Jinas.” The Tiger Knights in Mexico knew how to place their physical body in hyperspace. In America, there exist lakes, mountains and temples in a state of “Jinas.” The Temple of Chapultepek, in Mexico, is in a state of “Jinas” (it is inside hyperspace). Master Huiracocha (Dr. Krumm Heller) received his Initiation in this Temple.

As kids, all of us heard many stories of witches and fairies. Our grandmothers use to tell us stories of witches that riding their brooms at midnight would travel through the clouds. Even though it may seem incredible for many students of the Occult, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, etc., those witches exist. They don’t ride in brooms like our grandmothers think, but they do know how to travel through the air. Those so-called witches, travel with their physical body through space. They know how to take advantage of hyperspace in order to travel from one place to another with their physical body. Soon, astro-physics will discover the existence of hyperspace. This can be demonstrated through hyper-geometry. When a body submerges itself in hyperspace, it is said that that body has entered the state of “Jinas.” Every body in a state of “Jinas” escapes the law of gravity, and then it can float in hyperspace.

There is volume and hyper-volume. The so-called witches move within the hyper-volume of the curved space in which we live. The curvature of space does not exclusively belong to the planet Earth. The curvature of space corresponds to the infinite starry space. If hurricanes in themselves constitute proof of the movement or terrestrial rotation, it is also certain and exactly logical that the rotation of all the suns, constellations and worlds, is concrete proof of the curvature of space.

The White Wizards also know how to place their physical body in a state of “Jinas.” Jesus walked over the waters of the Sea of Galilee intelligently taking advantage of hyperspace. The disciples of Buddha taking advantage of hyperspace could go through a rock from one side to the next. In India there are Yogis that taking advantage of hyperspace can cross through a fire without getting burned. Peter, utilizing hyperspace, escaped prison and saved himself from the death verdict. Patanjali, the great Yogi says that practicing a Samyasi (ecstasy) on the physical body, the body becomes like cotton and floats in the air.

A Samyasi consists of three phases: Concentration, Meditation and Ecstasy. First, the Yogi concentrates on his physical body; second, he meditates on his physical body provoking sleep; third, filled with ecstasy he gets up from his bed with his body in a state of “Jinas.” Then he can penetrate hyperspace escaping the law of gravity, he can float in the air.


As we wake up from normal sleep, every Gnostic student should do a flashback exercise about the process of the dream, to remember all the places where he or she visited during the hours of sleep. We know that the Ego travels a lot, where ever we were and everything we saw and heard. The Masters instruct the students when they have an out of body experience.

It’s urgent to profoundly learn to meditate and then practice that which we learned during the hours of sleep. It is necessary not to move when we wake up because with that movement we stir the Astral and we lose our memory. It is urgent to combine the flashback exercises with the following mantram Raom Gaom. Each word is divided into two syllables. We must accent the O vowel. These Mantrams are for the student what dynamite is for the miner. Just like the miners make way through the earth with the help of the dynamite, the student will make way towards the subconscious memory with the help of these Mantrams.


Beyond the three known dimensions, length, width and height, there is a fourth dimension-Time; and beyond time we have the fifth dimension-Eternity. Nevertheless we can assure you that beyond eternity exists a sixth dimension; beyond eternity and time.
In this sixth fundamental dimension total liberation begins. Only the person who awakens in all the six fundamental dimensions of space is a true clairvoyant, a Turiya, a legitimate enlightened one.



The unit of life of any living creature is equivalent to one beat of its heart. Every living thing has a defined period of time. The life of a planet is 2,700,000,000 beats. That same quantity corresponds to the ant, the worm, the eagle, the microbe, to man and in general to all creatures. The life span of each world and each creature is proportionally the same. Clearly, the beat of a world occurs every 27,000 years, but the heart of an insect beats more rapidly. An insect that lives for only one summer evening has had in its heart the same number of beats as a planet, except that those beats have been more rapid.
Time is not a straight line, as the erudite ignoramuses believe. Time is a closed curve. Eternity is another thing. Eternity has nothing to do with time, and what is beyond eternity and time is known only by the Great Illuminated Adepts, the Masters of Humanity.

There are three known dimensions and three unknown dimensions, a total of six fundamental dimensions. The three known dimensions are length, width and depth. The three unknown dimensions are time, eternity and what is beyond time and eternity. This is the spiral of six curves. Time belongs to the fourth dimension; eternity to the fifth dimension; that which is beyond time and eternity, to the sixth dimension.

The personality lives in a closed curve of time. She is the daughter of her time and ends with her time. Time cannot reincarnate. There are no tomorrows for the human personality.

The circle of time revolves within the circle of eternity. In eternity there is not time, but time revolves within the circle of eternity. The Serpent always bites its own tail. A time and a personality end, but with the turning of the wheel, a new time and a personality appear upon the Earth. The ego is reincarnated and everything is repeated. The last realizations, sentiments, preoccupations, affections and words cause all the sexual sensations and all the amorous drama that gives rise to a new physical body. All the romances of married couples and lovers are related to the last moments of the dying. “The Path of Life is formed by hoof prints of the Horse of Death.” At death, time closes and eternity opens. The circle of eternity first opens and then closes when the ego returns to the circle of time.


A point is a cross section of a line. A line is a cross section of a plane. A plane is a cross section of a body. A body is the cross section of a tetra-dimensional body; that is to say, of four dimensions.

Every body is tetra-dimensional, has four dimensions. The fourth coordinate or fourth vertical is the basic foundation of all mechanics. Intermolecular space corresponds to the fourth dimension.

In this tri-dimensional world of length, width and height, we never see a complete body. We only see sides, planes, angles, etc. Perception is thus incomplete and subjective.

In the fourth dimension, perception is objective. There we see bodies from the front, from the back, from above, from below, from within, from without; that is to say completely. In the fourth dimension all objects appear simultaneously complete. There, perception is objective.

With the power of the Flying Serpent we can take the physical body out of the world of three dimensions, and pass to the fourth dimension. In more advanced states we can take the physical body to the fifth or the sixth dimension.


Generally, the dimensions are represented by powers: the first, the second, the third, the fourth, etc. Precisely this was the basis that Hinton used to construct his famous Tesseract theory, or tetra-dimensional solids (A4) (A raised to the fourth power). This represents the dimension in the form of powers. Many authors consider that mathematics have nothing to do with dimensions because there is no difference between dimensions. This concept seems false to us. We believe that the difference between dimensions is obvious and that the entire Universe is made according to the law of number, measurement and weight. What happens is that while the mind is bottled up in formal logic, we will limit the use of mathematics only to the three dimensional world. To consider the dimensions represented by powers, as something logical, we need with urgency the “Dialectic Logic.” This is only dialectically possible with Dialectic Logic.

Meta-geometry studies the “Superior Space.” Meta-geometry is called to totally displace Euclid’s geometry. Really, Euclid’s geometry serves only to investigate the properties of our physical space. However, if we want to abandon the study of the Fourth vertical, its clear that Physics will be held back in its progress.

In the Fourth Coordinate lies the vital secret of all Mechanics.

Meta-geometry has the merit of considering the three-dimensional world like a section of a superior space. A point of the three dimensional space is merely a cross-section of a meta-geometrical line. With formal logic it is impossible to consider meta-geometrical lines as distances between points in our space, and it is impossible to represent them with figures and qualities. Therefore it is not absurd to say that the Polar North Continent belongs to the Fourth Dimension. Also, it would not be absurd, in the light of Dialectic Logical thought to affirm that the habitants of such continent have physical bodies. We could do a map of such continent and it would be accepted with Dialectic Logic. As opposed, with formal logic in spite of considering our affirmations absurd, it would lead us to error.
The World’s three dimensionality certainly exists in our psyche, in our receptive apparatus. Its also there where we can find the marvels of the supra dimensional, if we develop Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, etc., that is, if we perfect our psychic apparatus. Only through the development of our internal perceptive powers can we study the superior dimensions of Nature. Materialistic positivism has raised a Wall of China surrounding free investigation. The illustrated ignoramuses as anti-scientific condemn everyone who opposes that Wall. Materialistic positivism is conservative and reactionary.

Immanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, considers space a property of the receptivity of the World by our Conscience. “We carry within ourselves the conditions of our space and therefore, within ourselves we find the conditions that will permit us to establish correlations between our space and the superior space.”

When the microscope was invented it opened before us the world of the infinitesimally small. As such, with the awakening of the Sixth Sense, the Fourth Dimensional World will open before us.


By Samael Aun Weor
From the book “The Perfect Matrimony.”