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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 2/17/2016

The Nahuatl traditions say that the Gods made men from wood and that afterwards merged them with the divine, that old Mexican codices also state emphatically that not all men manage to merge with the Divinity...

In order to be a man, one is in need of the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies, and to have received the psychic and spiritual principles. 

Not everyone has these bodies. Before, one is not more than an intellectual animal sentenced to the pain of living.

A code of Anahuac has said: "the gods created men of wood and after having created them, they merged them with divinity," but then adds: "Not all men are capable of merging with the divine."

Unquestionably, before one can integrate with reality, the first thing we need, is to create the man. The intellectual animal mistakenly called man, by no means is the man.

If we compare man with the intellectual animal, we can then verify for ourselves the concrete fact that the intellectual animal, though physically resembles man, psychologically is absolutely different.

Unfortunately, everybody thinks erroneously, they suppose to be men, and grade themselves as such.

We have always believed that man is the king of creation: the intellectual animal, to this date has not even proved to even be king of himself; if he is not king of his own psychological processes, if he cannot direct them at will, then man is much less able to govern nature.

In no way could we accept man made a slave, unable to govern themselves and become the plaything of the bestial forces of nature. Either man is king of the universe or is not; in the latter case, unquestionably, the concrete fact that the intellectual animal has not yet reached the state of man is demonstrated.

The man who truly works on himself in order to awaken consciousness, may be integrated with the divinity. Ostensibly, Integrated with the divinity, solar man becomes in fact a Superman in he’s own right. Superman knows good from evil and evil from good; grasps the sword of cosmic justice and is beyond good and evil.




In order to be a man, it is necessary to possess the physical, vital, astral, mental and Causal bodies and to have received the animic and spiritual principles.  Not everyone possesses these bodies, yet one is nothing else but an “intellectual animal” condemned to the sentence of living.

It is necessary to study the Christification process, this is a very delicate process and we must approach it such as it is.  In reality the brethren of the path, long for the Christmas of the Heart.  Many are who want to incarnate the Bethlehem’s God’s Child within the Heart’s Temple.  Unfortunately humanity doesn't know the way.  Before anything else thou must know that to incarnate the Christ, it is necessary first of all, to have a Soul.  Thou shall feel this affirmation so unusual, but in reality, humankind has not yet incarnated the Soul.  People only have incarnated a Soul’s Embryo, and that is it.

He who wants to incarnate his Soul must have an Astral Body, a Mental Body and a Causal Body.  Humanity still doesn’t have these vehicles.  If we examine with cla-irvoyance, the Astral of any run-of-the-mill person, we can see that, it is a cold and asleep phantom. 

We cannot name “Astral body” to the Astral Phantom.  Whoever possesses an Astral Body, lives awaken into the internal worlds.  People live asleep into the Astral world.  When we invoke a disembodied we find him completely asleep.  Those Astral phantoms speak incoherent things, and they are full of coldness of death.

Whoever wants to incarnate his Soul, must have a Mental body.  The so called Mental body of a run-of-the-mill person does not deserve the title of Mental Body.  The Mental phantom, is not a Mental body.  We need to engender our Mental Body. 

The  Volition  Soul, lives  normally  in the Causal World.  Whoever wants to incarnate his Will Power Soul, must engender his Causal body.   Any body who  engenders the Astral, Mental and Causal, has then the right to incarnate his Soul, he is a fully made Man.  Only the Men win the right to enter into the mysteries of Venusian  Initiation.   


Translator’s note: Master Samael referred with the term “men” to the women as well, anyone that works with the sexual mysteries and creates the bodies described above, will have the right to call him/herself a true man or a true woman, have access to the Venusian Initiation and be gifted  with terrible divine powers.


He who enters upon these Mysteries, incarnates the Christ.  Nobody can incarnate the Christ, without to be a Complete Man.  Nobody is a Complete Man whilst he had not incarnated his Soul.  Nobody can incarnate his Soul whilst he had not engendered the ASTRAL, MENTAL and CAUSAL vehicles.

People want to engender the bodies with theories that is the mistake of the poor humanity.  The body is not the child of any theory, the human being physical body is the child of the SEXUAL ACT.  A hermetic aphorism says: “As it is above is below”.  If here in the physical body we engender the physical body of our children by means of sexual act, it is logic that like this we can engender the ASTRAL, MENTAL and CAUSAL vehicles.  A special copulation is needed to engender this vehicles or internal bodies into the superior worlds.

That special copulation is the A.Z.F. ARCANE, therefore, the internal vehicles can only be engendered with SEX.  The nourishment of this vehicles is substantiated   in the HYDROGENS.  The different types of HYDROGENS are elaborated in the physical organism to be used by the different internal bodies of the MAN.

Jesus   told   Nicodemus:    “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” —Nicodemus said unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? —Jesus answered: Verily, verily, I say unto thee: Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.  That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit” John: 3: 3, 4, 5 and 6.  This means to elaborate the SOLAR BODIES, nobody can enter into the kingdom if he goes dressed with LUNAR RAGS.  This way it is also obvious that one must descend to the NINTH SPHERE (sex) to be able to engender that SECOND BIRTH.  In the ninth sphere is found Vulcan’s Enkindled Forge. There, Mars descends to retemple his flammigerous sword and conquers Venus’ heart (Venusian Initiation).  Also Hercules comes down to clean the Stables of AUGIAS (the lower animal depths).

It is Perseus beheading the Medusa (the psychological “I”) with his flammigerous sword, and that head full of serpents, has to be delivered by the esotericit student to MINERVA, the WISDOM Goddess.

Solar Bodies must be elaborated, and the only way to achieve it, is by transmuting the creative energy.  In Egyptian Theogony, the Solar Bodies are represented with the Egyptian Sahu. We have to elaborate therefore, the TO SOMA HELIACON: the Solar Man’s BODIES.

Written is that, “Narrow is the way which leads to light” he who wants to follow the Path: “Deny thyself, take thy Cross and Follow me” (These are the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness:  To Die, to be born and Sacrifice for humankind.)

The intellectual animal mistakenly called man has incarnated within himself, a fraction of Soul.  To such fraction is called ESSENCE, in Japanese ZEN, it is called simply “BUDDHATA”, it is the psychic material with which the GOLDEN EMBRYO can be elaborated.  Lamentably the ESSENCE underlies  into dreams within that grotesque and bizarre set of entities, submerged, tenebrous,  which constitute the ”EGO”, the “MYSELF”, the psychological “I”.  But such ESSENCE is the raw material to elaborate SOUL.  Unfortunately this concept has not been well understood by our GNOSTIC students.

Chinese TAO, clearly teaches that ESSENCE flasked within all of that set of DEVIL-I’s which constitute the EGO, has to pass in the NINTH SPHERE by incessant alchemical transformations before becoming a SEMINAL PEARL.  The SEMINAL PEARL developing incessantly, has to become the GOLDEN EMBRYO.  From that moment as it is known, establishes within the NEOPHYTE himself a PERMANENT CONSCIOUS CENTER.

 We don’t mention the “LINGAM SARIRA” or VITAL BODY, due to the concrete fact that this is only the PHYSICAL BODY’S superior section, the basic fundamental seat of all the physical activities, chemical, calorific, reproductive, perceptive, etc.

Let’s study in detail the THREE SUPERIOR BODIES:


Much has been written in occultist literature, about the interesting subject of ASTRAL PROJECTION.  Gnosis teaches practical and effective systems to get out of the Physical Body at will and travel consciously into the PARALLEL UNIVERSES.  Nonetheless, time has arrived to comprehend the “DOUBLE” registered and mentioned in the pseudo-occultist literature is not indeed the ASTRAL BODY, that DOUBLE  has been and will be always of a molecular, lunar, protoplasmatic nature.

ASTRAL BODY is a body of solar, electronic nature, which has nothing to do of vague, vaporous or subjective; it is a body of flesh and bones.  Common and vulgar people, except some exceptions, are always born with the famous LUNAR DOUBLE, never with the SOLAR legitimate ASTRAL, a vehicle of SOLAR nature.  There must be elaborated into the NINTH SPHERE, working into the VULCANO’S ENKINDLED FORGE.

The intellectual animals live in and out of the physical body during normal sleep or after death, dressed with de DOUBLE LUNAR, but this is not the ASTRAL BODY.  The so called “INCORPOREAL or ASTRAL JOURNEYS” are always performed with the DOUBLE LUNAR, the latter before loosing the physical ties, can travel freely by the whole MILKY WAY without any risk.  We are forbidden to travel beyond the MILKY WAY because in other galaxies there exists some other types of cosmic laws unknown for the inhabitants of this galaxy.

The ASTRAL is ruled by the MOON, that is why the departures or astral journeys are easier on FIRST QUARTER and more difficult on LAST QUARTER.  The Astral World is in reality the world of the PRACTICAL MAGIC.  For example, in some tribes of the Amazons, the PIACHES or WITCH PRIESTS offer to their people a special beverage to enter into the ASTRAL WORLD.  They mixed ashes of the tree called GUARUMO with well ground COCA leaves, this is administered when the MOON is on FIRST QUARTER, then the ASTRAL UNFOLDING is produced, it is well known by the PIACHES that the ASTRAL is ruled by the MOON, but many Cabalists assume that it is governed by MERCURY and they are lamentably wrong. The legitimate and authentic ASTRAL BODY is the SOLAR ASTRAL.

The DOUBLE LUNAR or BODY of DESIRES which is of a LUNAR nature, has been called ASTRAL BODY.  All the creatures of nature are lunar, they possess LUNAR ASTRAL, which is a PROTOPLASMATIC COLD BODY, it is a bestial remnant of the past.  Therefore what we need is to elaborate the authentic BODY OF “HOD” the MENTAL BODY.


The Mental Body, is the donkey in which we must ride to enter into the Celestial Jerusalem.  The Mind, which is slave of the senses makes the SOUL so invalid as the boat the wind leads astray over the waters.

In our last chapter we studied the ASTRAL BODY, in this one it is necessary to comprehend what the MENTAL BODY is, what the MIND is and what the SUPERIOR LOGIC is.  Only through the SOLAR MENTAL BODY can be achieved the full development of the SUPERIOR MENTAL CENTER.  Common people only have

LUNAR MENTAL BODY, such PROTOPLASMATIC body is of ANIMAL nature. The Inferior Manas or Concrete Mind that Theosophy speaks about, is only LUNAR MENTAL.

It is not a wonder that the intellectual animal had an animal mental vehicle, the irrational beasts of Nature also have it, and the difference is that the latter never gave any intellectual form to the Mind; that is the only difference.  The irrational beasts act only instinctively.  The face of the MENTAL BODY of almost all the human beings has animal appearance.  When we observe all the habits and customs of human species, then we comprehend why the MENTAL BODY of people have ANIMAL PHYSIOGNOMY.

The Lunar Mental Body is of a bestial nature.  The Solar Mental is the antithesis, is the CHRIST-MIND.  It is therefore indispensable to elaborate (To produce by effort, to create) the SOLAR MENTAL BODY if we really want to think with CHRIST-MIND, with SUPERIOR Logic, with an intelligence of a Gnostic Arhat.


Translator’s note: In general, Buddhism denotes arhat (Sanskrit) and arahant (pali) as "one who is worthy" or is a "perfected person" having attained nirvana. In some Buddhist traditions the term has also been used for people far advanced along the path of Enlightenment, but who may not have reached full Buddhahood.

In other words, ARHAT should be understood as one who is seeking wisdom through internal lucid experiences and annihilating of the ego in the daily life of a sincere gnostic student.


The YOGI who has never practiced MAITHUNA, can become a true mental con- centration athlete, but he would never elaborate the SOLAR MENTAL BODY with only PRANAYAMAS or MENTAL EXERCISES, because this is and always will be a hundred percent SEXUAL problem.  Those people who assume that the MENTAL SOLAR BODY is a vague, vaporous, fluid body, are lamentably wrong.  The SOLAR MENTAL BODY is also an organism made out of flesh and bones.  The Solar Mental Body has 300,000 CLANS or magnetic centers and all of them must vibrate in the same tone and with the least arrhythmia.

Those Initiates who possess a SOLAR MENTAL BODY always think with SUPERIOR LOGIC, whit TRANSCENDENTAL LOGIC.  People with LUNAR MIND are unable to comprehend the SOLAR MAN’S Superior Logic.  Now you will comprehend dear brethren why the scoundrels become true JACKASSES when they try to interpret the ancient THEOGONIES.  The LUNAR MIND is a true JACKASS on which we must ride, if we really want to enter victoriously into the CELESTIAL JERUSALEM on PALM SUNDAY.  In the World of the Mind, there are many temples which must be conquered at SWORD’s point.  When one works on the FOURTH INITIATION of Major Mysteries, one finds many TENEBROUS, and one must struggle.

When one acquires this body, receives the degree of BUDDHA.  The Holy Mother of the World presents him in the COSMIC TEMPLE OF THE MIND saying:  “Behold my beloved son, behold a new BUDDHA”.  She sets over her son, the diadem of SHIVA and the YELLOW MANTLE of the BUDDHAS.

Our disciples must exchange the reasoning process for the beauty of comprehension.   The reasoning process divorces the mind from the INTIMUS.

A mind divorced from the INTIMUS, falls into the abyss of the BLACK MAGIC.  The REASON is a crime against the INTIMUS.  Many times the INTIMUS gives an order and the MIND with its reasoning rebels itself.  The INTIMUS talks in forms of heart feelings or intuition, the mind rebels making comparisons and reasoning.  Reasoning is based on opinions, in the struggle of antithetic concepts, in the process of conceptual election. Reason divides the MIND in the battle of the antithesis.  The Antithetic concepts convert the MIND into a battle field.

When the MIND cannot serve as the instrument of the INTIMUS, then it serves the “ANIMAL I”, converting the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL into a BLIND and DUMB being, slave of passions and of the Sensorial Perceptions of the exterior world.  An intuitive individual knows to read where the Master doesn’t write, and to listen when the Master doesn’t speak.

The reasoning process breaks the delicate MENTAL BODY’S membranes.  The thought must flow silently, serene and integrally, without the battling of antithesis, without the reasoning process, which divides the mind into opposite concepts.  In Many pseudo occultist schools what is taught at first, is to DOMINATE other’s MIND.  Which is pure BLACK MAGIC, nobody has the right to violate the free will of others, and nobody has to exert coercion over somebody else’s mind.  Whomever doesn’t know to respect the free will of others, is a BLACK MAGICIAN.  Those who do mental works to dominate others, become PERVERT DEMONS, they separate from the INTIMUS and go to the abyss.


We have arrived to this chapter to the wonderful world of the CONSCIOUS WILL, to the ELECTRONIC region.  Down there, in the MOLECULAR WORLD, at the other side of the BAD RIVER, there is a sad place, not because of the martyrdoms, but because of the DARKNESS, where instead of lamentations like crying out loud, only are heard sad sighs.

Right there into     that    MOLECULAR WORLD’S LIMBO, lives    Virgil the       poet of Mantua, Dante’s Master, right there dwell all the innocent children of pseudo-esoterism and pseudo-occultism who were not washed from the ORIGINAL SIN, those who believed they could SELF-REALIZE in depth without the need to work with MAITHUNA in the NINTH SPHERE , those who made the mistake of not to get dressed with the THREE HOLY VIRTUES (The three Solar Bodies: Astral, Mental and Causal).

People believe they have Conscious

Will Power, when in reality they only have DESIRES, which concentrated on specific direction, are falsely denominated as Power of will, when in reality they are only Power of Desire, common people don’t have CONSCIOUS WILL, they have EGOIC VOLITIONS, as many Egos or psychological “I”s they had.  We need to acquire the Body of CONSCIOUS WILL, known in occultist literature, as CAUSAL BODY.  In reality such body can be obtained with MAITHUNA, SEXUAL MAGIC, A.Z.F. ARCANE.

FAKIR achieves the dominion of his PHYSICAL BODY and strengthen his Will Power in a terrible way, the whole way of FAKIR is very difficult, and it consists in multiple physical practices incredibly difficult.

Any FAKIR is capable of staying still in any position by hours, months or years, or he sits on an anthill under a tree, or under the inclement tropical Sun rays, any FAKIR is very capable of sitting down with his arms wide open forming a cross on a naked stone under the Sun, or on top of thorns or spines during days, months or years.

Through all of these physical tortures, the FAKIR develops the Power of Will in a really terribly way, but he never gets to elaborate the body of CONSCIOUS WILL or CAUSAL BODY, because that is a hundred percent SEXUAL problem.

If the body of CONSCIOUS WILL could be elaborated with the FAKIR’S physical tortures, according to the LAW of CORRESPONDENCES and ANALOGIES and in obedience to the HERMETIC maxim:

“As is above, is below”, we also have to say that the flesh and bones PHYSICAL BODY can be elaborated with such practices, and by consequence the FATHER and MOTHER SEXUAL act would be useless.  To affirm such an absurd would be by fact, the lamentable consequence of a mistaken idea.

The   MONK   achieves   the complete control of his EMOTIONS, but he is not able get the body of CONSCIOUS WILL or CAUSAL BODY.

The YOGI, achieves the total control of his MIND, but he neither achieves to ac-quire the body of CONSCIOUS WILL.

Fakirs, Monks and Yogis, early or late must have to resolve to work with the HYDROGENS, with the whole purpose of obtaining the body of CONSCIOUS WILL.  Only one who already has the body of CONSCIOUS WILL or CAUSAL BODY possesses in reality that which is called TRUE WILL.  He who possesses this body he is not anymore a VICTIM of circumstances, he is able to determine the circumstances, they don't tell him what to do any more.

To possess a CAUSAL BODY, a body of CONSCIOUS WILL, equals to become a MAHATMA, to become and adept of the WHITE LODGE.  It is urgent to know, it is necessary to comprehend that the CAUSAL BODY, is an INEFFABLE organism and nourishes itself with HYDROGEN, needed for his nutrition and growth.

The inexpert clairvoyants confuse the LUNAR BODIES with the SOLAR BODIES and even fall into the error of believing that the poor INTELLECTUAL BEAST, mistakenly called MAN, already have a perfect SEPTENARY constitution.  It results lamentable that such CLAIRVOYANTS confuse the “BUDDHATA” deposited among the PROTOPLASMATIC LUNAR bodies, with the authentic and legitimate SOLAR CAUSAL body.

The “BUDDHATA”, the ESSENCE, is only but a fraction of the HUMAN SOUL in us; it results therefore absurd to confuse it with the CAUSAL BODY.

NAHUATL traditions claim that the Gods made men out of wood and then after they fusioned them with the divinal, the old codices also affirm in emphatic form that not all men achieved to fuse with the Divinity, is then urgent to understand that to become true men, the existential bodies of the Being must be created, but in reality that is not all, those who do not fuse with their own INTIMATE LOGOI, with their own inner divinity, will fail, will have to go into involution into the submerged worlds until the second death, in order to begin a new evolutive journey.  Thus, it is not enough to create men, it is necessary that they integrate with the divinal, and that is the most important.

When a man doesn’t join the divinity, becomes a HANASMUSSEN with double center of gravity and these Hanasmussens have to enter inevitably into the submerged involutions.

There are FOUR classes of Hanasmussen as follows:

FIRST:  Those who only have physical body, people dedicated to do evil.  Their Ego elaborates some kind of substance which makes them Hanasmussens, by rule they are hex sorcerers and are not immortal, however, they do not possess the existential bodies of the BEING. After death they lose what they had of Hanasmussen.  Whoever has not created at least an Astral Body, after death he will not be but a bunch of devils, a bunch of “I”s which function here and there, they function freely, they move in all directions, they don’t have true reality, they are persons who have not achieved immortality.  When those Egos return, a new personality is formed in order to exist.

SECOND: Those who possess Astral Body are different, however, despite having achieved immortality, they dedicate themselves to black magic, thus, they deviate, they become Hanasmussens of the second class too,  If in future existences this people don’t eliminate what they have of Hanasmussen: some tenebrous substances something fatal, then they will have to return into animal organisms and go into involution with animal bodies, until what they have of Hanasmussen had been eliminated.

THIRD:   This kind of Hanasmussens are formed by those who have created all the existential bodies of the BEING, by true MEN in the whole meaning of the word, but didn’t dissolve the EGO, and walked by the path of darkness, if such Hanasmussens don’t eliminate that fatal hanasmussian condition, will have to go into involution within the entrails of Earth, within the infernal worlds until Second Death.

FOURTH: At last, this kind of Hanasmussens, are formed by those who reached the levels of Angeles, Archangels, Principates, Potentates, Virtues, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphims, etc., and many more; if they do not eliminate what they have of Hanasmussen, that fatal halo left by Black Magic or by witchcraft, must have to go into involution within the entrails of Earth until Second Death, behold the Angels, Archangels, Principates, about what DANTE talks in the DIVINE COMEDY.  Concrete examples of this kind of Hanasmussens, we have in the following personages: Adramelek, Moloch, Nahemah, Lilit, etc.

Such creatures reached superior angelic states, Moloch for instance was a Throne, and now he is an inhabitant of the infernal worlds, he is a Hanasmussen in the must complete sense of the word, belongs to the fourth class of Hanasmussen.

Thus, a Hanasmussen is nothing else than a failure of the COSMIC MOTHER, a Divine Mother’s abortion.  Those who are elaborating the Superior Existential Bodies of the BEING, if they don’t want to become Hanasmussens, they must have to fight against themselves, eliminate the inhumane elements carried within, let’s say to disintegrate the “I” of the Psychology, to reduce to cosmic dust all of those elements that constitute the EGO, myself, only like that, they may be saved from the danger to become Hanasmussen with double center of gravity.


Samael Aun Weor       


Translated in part by Ramon T Juarez and the