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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 4/30/2016


Prana is the cosmic energy. Prana is vibration, electric motion, light and heat, and universal magnetism. It is life. Prana is the life that throbs in every atom and in every sun. Prana is the life of ether. The great life, that is to say; prana, becomes a substance, Akash. 

The Akash is a marvelous substance that fills the entire infinite space, and when modified it becomes ether. It is interesting to know that ether, when modified, becomes in turn, what we call tattwas.

It is necessary to know the law of universal vibration. The study of tattwas is important. Tattwa (this is a Hindustani term) is vibration of the ether. Now scientists say that there is no ether and the only reality is the magnetic field. We could also say that there is no matter and the only reality is energy. These are words, a matter of terms. The magnetic field is the ether. "Everything comes from the ether: everything returns to ether”, Oliver Lodge, the great British scientist, says, “It is the ether that gives place, through diverse modifications of its equilibrium, to all phenomena in the universe, from the impalpable light up the formidable masses of the worlds.” Remember: Tattwa is vibration of the ether.

In this age of radio, television and guided missiles, it would be absurd to deny the vibration of the ether.

A great sage has said: "Life was born from radiation, subsists by radiation and is suppressed by any oscillatory imbalance."



Scientists who question the existence of the ether, have no scientific basis for their theories. They really are playing with words, with terms. To say that ether is radioactivity or magnetic field, neither removes nor puts to the reality of the ether. In any case their doubts, analysis and change of terms only serve to study what is called ether. Most of the time, men fight only a matter of terms of words, etc., etc., but in the end facts are facts.

Russian scientists have discovered with their powerful telescopes, worlds in a protoplasmic state. These protoplasmic worlds have come out of the ether. We can accept, simply by logical induction, etheric worlds. Some scientists may not like this term, the term matters little. What is important are the facts.

Everyone before being protoplasmic exists in ethereal state. The great Hindustani scientist Prasa Rama says: “everything leaves from ether, everything returns to ether.”

If the protoplasm comes out from ether, then the ether is in the vital depth of everything that exists.

The Eastern mystics believe that the etheric body of man has four types of ethers, but western scientists do not like this statement. Nevertheless when Western scientists study the ether, (no matter what name we give it) will then have to accept by simple analysis and experience the four eastern ethers.

This, the etheric body of man has four ethers: chemical ether, life ether, light ether, and reflecting ether.

Each of these four ethers, has its functions in close relationship with all organic economy.

The chemical ether is related to all processes of organic assimilation and removal, the ether of life is related to the processes of the reproduction of the race.

The light ether relates to all processes of sensory perception. Reflector ether is closely related to the faculties of memory, imagination, will, etc., etc.

The vital body controls the vasomotor nervous system, it is the seat of life. Each etheric atom penetrates into every physical atom, and so, it vibrates.

If we definitely draw the vital body from a person, that person will die inevitably. It is the height of absurdity even to assume for a moment that a chemical-physical body can live without the vital body. The same Russian materialistic atheists, having studied the matter deeply, are beginning to become very prudent in formulating concepts on this vital background of living matter.

The men of science by exploring the human organism are approaching the etheric body. They will get there inevitably, and soon you can condense it with some ectoplasm to study it in a laboratory.

All functions of our body, all activities of calories, reproduction, combustion, metabolism, etc., etc., are based on the vital background.

"When the vital body weakens, diseases will comes to the physical body."



Ether exists in igneous state (Tejas). There is gaseous or fluidic ether, as a principle of air (Vayu). There is the ether in aqueous state as a principle of water (Apas). There is ether in the stone state as mineral principle (Prithvi).

These are the tattwas of the Hindustani. When these tattwas crystallize or condense, then we have the physical elements, fire, air, water and earth.

Our etheric body is formed of tattwas. The tattwas enter the chakras and then pass into the internal secretion glands. Within the glands, tattwas intensify the work of these minuscule endocrine laboratories, transforming into hormones.

The tattwas are transformed into genes, and later are transformed into spermatozoa.

Everything comes from the ether, everything returns to the ether. The ether is the condensation of a substance called Akash. This substance is the first radiation of Mulaprakriti root, insipid and undifferentiated, known among the Alchemists as the Ens Seminis (the entity of semen) the primordial matter.


Akash is the igneous radiation of primordial matter, Akash is contained in semen. Alchemists say: “water is the habitat of fire”. Akash is the Kundalini of the Hindustani.

The primary matter is represented by the waters of all religious genesis. The protoplasm of the entire nebula was first ethereal. As we go further into this we need to accept that behind every effect there is a cause. Ether itself needs to have a cause.

From the yogis of Hindustan we have learned that behind the ether is the Akash. Eastern sages say that the Akash is a sea of fire. Superastral fire that is contained in the Ens Seminis (the Mulaprakriti of the sages of India) is the seed atoms of all known matter. Akash is primordial sound, Akash is superastral fire, and sound condenses by means of Akash.

The snake Kundalini is fire and sound. No one could embody the word, without raising the sacred serpent. Without Akash is impossible to define and crystallize the sound.

Vayu Prana are sound waves of the Akash. These sound waves are condensed in the Tattwas of the ether... The tattwas crystallize in the four elements of nature: fire, air, water and earth.

In conclusion: the chemical physical world, it is a materialization of sound, the chemical physical world is condensed sound. We do not accept an anthropomorphic and dogmatic God, we scientifically accept sound as the cause causorum of the universe.                   

There must also be a cause for pre-cosmic sounds. The great Eastern sages tell us about Solar Logos. Dr. Krumm Heller said that the Logos makes sound. Logos is certainly the perfect multiple unit. The Logos is the army of the word. The Logos is the verb. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". "This was in the beginning with God." "All things were made by him; and without him nothing that is done, was done." "In him was life, and the life was the light of men." "And the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not met".  - Gospel of John -

"The Logos is not an individual. The Logos is an army. "

From the book “Fundamentals of endocrinology and criminology” By Samael Aun Weor.



Akash is the principle of ether. Vayu is the etheric principle of air, Tejas is the etheric principle of fire, Prithvi is the etheric principle of the element earth, and Apas is the principle of water.

There are two secrets tattwas called Adi and Shamadhi that vibrate during the aurora and are excellent for internal meditation. (With them ecstasy or Shamadhi is achieved). On these tattwas we shall not expand on because they are useful only to advanced students.

The vibration of the tattwas begin with the sunrise. Each Tattwa vibrates for 24 minutes over a period of two hours. The first Tattwa that vibrates is Akash, followed in succession by; Vayu, Tejas, Prithvi, and Apas. Two hours later, Akash vibrates again and the succession of tattwas is repeated in the same order.

The tattwas vibrate day and night. You need to know the time of sunrise. The astrological Bucheli yearbook is one of the calendars that marks the time of sunrise for each country of Latin America. Some newspapers especially in the US and magazines indicate the time of sunrise. It is also useful for this purpose, the Galvan calendar.





It is exclusively good for meditation. At this time we advise you to pray a lot. Do not attend business or love meetings, at this time because they will inevitably fail. This tattwa causes us to make very serious mistakes. If you work during this period you should then be very careful. (Artists should abstain from working in Akash). Everything that begins with Akash will fail. Akash is the Tattwa of Death.



Everything that is velocity and motion corresponds Vayu, the principle of air. Winds, air, aerial navigation, etc., are related to Vayu. During this period people enjoy gossiping, cheating, stealing, etc. Usually aviation accidents occur during this period. Suicides are stimulated by this Tattwa. We advise you not to marry during this period because that marriage would be short-lived.

All kinds of complicated and long - term businesses will become a failure. It is good to do intellectual works during this period. The great yogis mentally manipulate this Tattwa and use it intelligently when they want to float in the air.



Is hot because it is the etheric principle of fire. During the period in which this Tattwa is active you feel more heat. You can bathe in cold water during Tejas and never catch a cold. Do not argue with anyone in Tejas because the consequences can be serious. You should use the time to work hard in Tejas. Do not marry on Tejas because you will have constant quarrels with your partner. The most terrible explosions and accidents happen in the period of the Tattwa Tejas.



It is the principle of water and the opposite of Tejas (fire). This Tattwa is marvelous for the purchase of goods. It is also marvelous for business and you can get a lot of money if you know to take advantage of this Tattwa. Buy the lottery in Apas. Traveling by water is good in Apas. The rains that begin in Apas tend to be very long and strong. The Tattwa Apas concentrates on work and drawing attention.



It is the Tattwa of success in life. If you want to succeed in business do it in Prithvi. If you want to have good health you should eat and drink in Prithvi. Marriages performed in Prithvi are happy for life. Every party, every lecture, every business, every appointment that is made in Prithvi will be a complete success. Prithvi is love, charity, kindness ... remember you need to know the exact time of sunrise to be guided by the tattwas. Always have a good wristwatch or pocket watch and take the tattwas in practical life.



Sit at a table with your face to the east, elbows on the table and proceed as follows: put your thumbs of the right and left hands between the ears. With the index fingers cover the eyes and with the middle fingers cover your nostrils. And with the ring and little fingers seal your lips. Inhale, slowly counting to twenty. Hold your breath and count from one to twenty. Exhale slowly counting one to twenty. It is necessary to remove the middle fingers from the nostrils to inhale and exhale. But during the retention of your breath the middle fingers should hermetically seal your nostrils. It is necessary that during the retention of your breath you try to see the Tattwas with the third eye. The third eye resides between the two eyebrows. At beginning you will see nothing, but after a while you can see and recognize them by their colors:

Akash is black and its planet is Saturn.

Vayu is a greenish blue and its planet is Mercury.

Tejas is red like fire and its planet is Mars.

Prithvi is golden yellow and its planet is the sun, it also influences Jupiter.

Apas is white and its planets are Venus and the moon.


Samael Aun Weor. / Introduction to Gnosis




1.            The disciple should sit on the floor with legs crossed in oriental style. This position is called Padmasana in India.

2.            Cover the left nostril with the index right finger, inhale prana with the right nostril.


3.            Hold your breath now, covering both nostrils with thumb and forefinger.


4.            Exhale the breath through the left nostril, blocking the right nostril, inhale now to the left; hold your breath and exhale again to the right.


5.            When inhaling the breath, imagine the sexual energy ascending through the nadi related to the nostril with which you were inhaling the prana.


6.            TOM-SA-HAM are the mantras of inhalation, Tom-ra-ham of exhalation.


7.            With the practice of pranayama the student's mind is prepared for dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and shamadhi (Ecstasy).


8.            The solar and lunar atoms of our seminal energy, ascend by the two ganglionic cords, named Ida and Pingala.

9.            The right nostril is related to Pingala, the left nostril is related to Ida.


10.          It is said that by the right nostril penetrate the solar atoms, and by the left nostril lunar atoms.


11.          In the female, Ida and Pingala, rise from the ovaries. The woman begins practice inhaling through the left nostril and the man on the right nostril.


12.          Pranayama – is a system for the transmutation of sexual energy.


Translated from the original in Spanish by Ramon T Juarez, further corrections might be needed