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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 1/25/2016


Our Gnostic students must never forget what the three forces called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are. These three forces are the Sacred Triamazikano. 

This is the Sacred Affirmation, Sacred Denial, Sacred Reconciliation; Holy God, Holy Adamant, Holy Immortal.

In electricity these are the positive-negative poles and the neutral force. The participation of these three principles, gives birth to all creation. In Gnostic esoteric science, the three independent forces have the following names:



DRIVING FORCE; affirmative, positive.


REUNITING FORCE; neutralizing, liberating.


PASSIVE FORCE; responsive, negative, resistance.


These three forces in the Ray of Creation seem three wills, three consciousnesses, three units. Each of these three forces contains in itself all the possibilities of the three. But at the point of conjunction, each manifest only its principle: positive, negative or neutral.


It is really interesting to see the three forces at work: they separate, move away and then reunite to form new trinities which originate new worlds, new creations.


In the Absolute, the three forces are the Unique Logos, the Army of the Voice within the Great Unit of life free in its motion.


The process of creation of the Sacred Cosmic Common Triamazikamno started with the sexual marriage of the word because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. By Him all things they were made; without him nothing of what is had actually been done.

See the gospel of John 1. 1-3


The law of three, is the law of the three forces of creation. These laws establish that the three forces must enter into all manifestation.


It’s necessary to clearly understand that there is a law of order in addition to creation. The creative forces could not work unless they create according to certain order, and this order of creation or order of manifestation is governed by the law of seven. The Creation is disposed in order and is arranged in a certain direction.


The Law of Seven applies to the order of the manifestation of creation.


According to the sacred law of Heptaparaparshinokh (Law of Seven), seven temples were established, in the chaos, for the construction of this solar system.


According to the Sacred Triamazikano law (the Law of Three), the Elohim (Divine Intelligent Principles of Creation) were divided into three groups within every temple to sing according to the liturgy of FIRE.


The work of making the Prakriti fruitful, that is chaos, cosmic mother, the big womb, is always the work for the most sacred TEOMERSMALOGOS, the third force.


Within each temple the three groups were organized as follows: first A PRIEST; second a priestess; third, a neutral group of Elohim.


If we consider that the Elohim are androgynous, then clearly they had to be polarized at will as male, female, neutral, according to the Sacred Cosmic Common Triamazikano.


The Priest and Priestess on the altar; and on the ground floor of the temple, the androgynous chorus of Elohim. Rituals of Fire were sung and the sexual marriage of the word made fruitful the Great Womb of Chaos and the universe was born.


Angels create with the power of the word. The larynx is a uterus where the word is gestated.


We must awaken Consciousness in the word, in the creative larynx, so that we one day may also pronounce the luminous and SPERMATIC FIAT of the first instant. Consciousness sleeps in our larynx, we are unconscious with the word, and we need to become fully aware of the word.


They say that silence is golden. We say that there are criminal silences. It's so bad to talk when one must be silent, as to silence when one should speak.





The ignoramuses that abound in this century, suppose that our mantras are worthless words and that their energy is lost in space. They ignore the internal value of words. The essence of the word is unknown for them, so they laugh at our mantras.


In every word there is an external and an internal value. It is precisely the internal value, the essence, or main substance of the word. The internal element of the word is not included in our three dimensional space. The internal element of the word must be sought in the Superior dimensions of Space that are superior to ours.


Our space appears to us only as a part of the total space. This is how we came to the conclusion that we do not know the whole space. All we know is that small part that can be measured in terms of longitude, latitude and altitude.


The internal element of the word is processed geometrically in the superior dimensions of space.


Scientists know nothing about the fourth dimension of matter in space. They know nothing about the hyper geometry of space of a four dimensional kind.


Defining space as the form of matter in the universe, suffers from the most serious deficiency, which is to introduce the concept of matter, that is to say the unknown, because matter remains really unknown.


All attempts to a physical definition of matter only leads to a dead end: x = y, y = x. This is the dead end of physicists.


The psychological definitions of matter also lead to the same dead end. A sage said, "Matter (like force) does not give us any trouble. We understand all that relates to it, for the good reason that we invent it. As we speak of matter we think of sensible objects. What is hard for us to deal with is the mental change of concrete but complicated facts. "


"Strictly speaking, matter exists only as a concept, to tell the truth, the character of matter, even when talking about it only as a concept, is not very obvious that most people are unable to tell us exactly what they mean by it." Nobody really knows what matter is, and yet this concept is based on the conservative and reactionary school of materialistic positivism.


Although physicists do not like it, we have to say that matter and energy are words officially accepted to designate a long series of complicated facts whose substantial origin are unknown to Science.


Who has seen the matter? Who has seen energy? We only see phenomena. No one has seen matter separated from forms. No one has seen energy separate from movement. So, with this it is demonstrated that matter and energy are only abstract concepts.


Nobody sees matter separated from the object nor energy separated from motion. Matter and energy separate from things and phenomena are a mystery to humans. The human being is 97% subconscious and 3% conscious.


The human being dreams, of the phenomena of nature and calls them matter, energy, etc. Before the universe existed, before all the phenomena existed, there was the word. Really, the Logos sounds.


At the dawn of life, the Army of the Voice celebrated the rituals of fire singing in the sacred language. The Great Word crystallized into geometric figures. The word produces objective geometric figures. Such figures drawn in the Universal Mind, are filled with cosmic matter and crystallize materially.


One simple example of this is given in the magnetophonic tape. The speech is recorded on the tape. Each letter crystallizes in geometric lines. To repeat the discourse after that, just by vibrating the tape on tape recorder machine, God Geometrizes. The word takes on geometric shapes. The Great Word crystallized into geometric figures that condensed by the raw material of the Great Work, giving origin to all the phenomena of Nature.


The world and consciousness are actually the result of the word. Three-dimensional space is a property of our material perception. When we improve the quality of the representations, it also improves the quality of perceptions and we enter into the higher dimensions of space, where the three-dimensional world no longer exists and only remains in our memory as a dream.


Actually, the world that is presented to our consciousness is only the mechanics of all those combined causes that give rise to a definite series of sensations.


The leading cause of all existence is found beyond the world and the consciousness. This is the Word. It is the Word that creates worlds.


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by him; without him nothing that is made would have been made. In him was life and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it”





All motion is co-essential to sound. Wherever there is movement, there is the sound. The human ear is able to perceive only a limited number of sonorous vibrations, but above and below these vibrations registered by the ear, there are multiple sound waves that no one manages to perceive.

The fish in the sea produce their peculiar sounds. Ants communicate with each other by inaudible sounds for our physical perception. The sonorous waves acting upon the waters, produce elevation and pressure on them; sound by acting on the air waves, produces concentric movements. The atoms, rotating around their nuclear centers, produce certain sounds imperceptible to humans. Fire, air, water and earth, have their particular sonorous notes.





Every flower, every mountain, every river has its note synthesis, its peculiar note. The set of all the sounds that occur in the planetary globe, comes to give the note synthesis in the immense choir of infinite space. Each world has its keynote and the set of all the keynotes of the infinite, form the ineffable orchestration of the starry spaces. It is the infinite resonance of Universal Harmony. This is the music of the spheres that Pythagoras speaks about.


In ancient China, initiated twin brothers invented an instrument. They discovered that the universe has 49 notes, and developed a precise instrument, there many elements became active; now all music devices are degenerations or involutions of that instrument. They did experiments like this: rattling that instrument of 49 notes acted on many things, began to act on an octave, for example: DO RE MI FA SO LA TI, posing a colored solar prism beam through the musical notes; they learned positive ways to get the solar prism. Another example: did spend a piece of bamboo and that bamboo piece dyed of that color immediately.


The colors and the Sacred Law of Heptaparaparshinokh (Law of Seven) are combined, sounds and colors are combined.


The synthesis of the 49 notes of the Universe is the sound Nidio-Vanciano, is the synthesis of the Earth note and vibrates in the brain of each of us.





If a musician playing an instrument gave the keynote of a man and prolonged that note to the maximum, then that man would die instantly. All cells of the human organism are sustained by sound, by the verb. The atoms of the entire organism vibrate in constant movement. And everything is moving sounds. And the Logos sounds! The note synthesis of all atomic movement of the human body could, by law of vibratory affinity, instantly kill a man.


It is said that when Joshua played the trumpet, the walls of Jericho fell, Then Joshua gave the keynote of those walls. In the army it is known that when a battalion is going to cross a bridge, he must break the march to not destroy the stability of the bridge with his rhythm. When touching a key of a piano and nearby there is another piano, the piano will repeat the same note as the first; because the law of vibratory affinity. Take this example to the case mentioned ... Really, if the musician produced the key note from a man but gets prolonged, by vibratory affinity law the phenomenon of the two pianos would be repeated in the man’s body, then this would mean instant death, that is, an intense shock resistance outside the normal balance of the structure of the man.


The Universe was formed by sound and keeps it the same sound, it retains. The sound keeps the stars in place, the planets in their orbits. The note synthesis of a mountain is what makes it to remain as it is, that a flower retains its geometry, color, etc.





Phonetic combination made with wisdom produces the mantras. So a mantra is a wise combination of letters whose sounds determine spiritual, psychic and physical effects.


Before all the languages ​​of the Tower of Babel were revealed, there was only one language, a language of gold ... a universal language. That language has its perfect cosmic grammar. The letters on the Language of Gold are written in all Nature. Whoever has studied the Nordic Runes and the Hebrew characters, Chinese, Tibetan, etc. they may sense that cosmic language with its enigmatic letters.


Lemurs normally used an alphabet of 300 consonants and 51 vowels and knew how to articulate them. The language went degenerating, the human speaking capacity was lost as the human being degenerated, and today only a few vowels and consonants are used in our alphabets. The Chinese language still retains many sounds of antiquity, Chinese language is one of the richest that there are.


IEOUAMS, the seven basic vowels of Nature resound in all of creation.


There are mantras for each chakra. With these mantras it is possible to awaken hidden powers. So there are many mantras for Astral Body; or to control fire, air, water and earth; and others by which the capacity for defense against the dark entities that dwell in the Abyss is acquired, etc.






There is an intimate relationship between the sexual glands and the creative larynx. When the child reaches the age of 14, his voice becomes the voice of a man. This is due to the close relationship between the sexual glands and the creative larynx.


The energy of the Third Logos (the Holy Spirit) is expressed through the sexual organs and through the creative larynx. These are the two instruments through which flows the powerful creative energy of the Third Logos. And when working with Sexual Magic, the "Arcane AZF" The Fire, the sacred serpent awakens. The upward flow of the creative energy of the Third Logos in us is living fire. That Pentecostal Fire rises along the spinal channel opening magnetic centers of occult anatomy and awakening miraculous powers.


When the Sacred Fire reaches the creative larynx, man can create with the power of the word. The Initiate in the internal worlds can conceive something mentally and crystallize with the word. The verb creates, the universe was created by the Army of the Voice, the Great Word!


Those who work with the "Arcane AZF" must christify the word. Word and sex are intimately related: the word is sexual. And when someone working on the MAGNUS OPUS, when that someone transmutes his creative energies, must christify the language. For the vulgar words, inharmonious words arrhythmic words modify the vibrations of creative energies, giving them absolutely fatal vibration modes.


Divine words, sublime, harmonic, melodious and perfect words produce sexual transmutations full of glory.


Our adorable Savior of the World (Jesus Christ), christified his word drinking the chalice of sexuality. The Word is mantric, the Word is sexual!


If we speak in the Language of Gold, then the fire, air, water and earth obey us. We would be true gods! If we talk to a mountain in sacred language, and if we command for it to disintegrate, then the mountain would skip shattered in dreadful cataclysm.






The sound of the cannon, its boom, destroys the windowpanes. On the other hand, a soft word calms anger. But a rude word, inharmonious, produces anger, or melancholy, sadness, hatred ... They say silence is golden. Better to say that bad to talk when one must be silent, as silent when one should speak.


There are criminal silences, there are infamous words. The result of spoken words must be calculated with nobility, often others get hurt with words said unconsciously. The words of malicious double meaning produce fornications in the world of the mind. You should never condemn anyone with the word, you should never judge anyone. Slander, gossip, calumny have filled the world with pain and bitterness.


Language is the small rudder that guides our ship. Language is like a flame capable of producing terrible fires. It can destroy or purify.


If we work with the "Arcane AZF" we must understand that the creative energies are exposed to all kinds of changes. These energies of the libido can be modified into powers of light or darkness. It all depends on the quality of the words.





Sacred Mysteries of the Logos were known among the Maya, Egyptians, Indians, Persians, Greeks, etc. All Hebrew paradises are full of rivers of pure water of life from which milk and honey flow, as well as wine, holy delight of those who drink it.


Really, all those sacred rivers, all those waters of life, all those lakes of the Temples, are symbols of the Christonic Semen which the human being carries deposited in the seminal vesicles. During the erotic sexual trance, the Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit fertilizes the waters of life in order for the Secret Master to emerge. Certainly, the Inner Master is the note synthesis of all notes: the God within us all. Is the Word.


It is time to vocalize, to learn to spell the Language of gold, to awaken the chakras, discs, or magnetic wheels of the astral body. So that, anyone can see, hear and touch, the great realities of the superior worlds. We must take action, but supraphysical intentional action. The entire universe lives in constant movement and all motion is co-essential to sound. Let us master the sound!


"Whosoever knows, the word gives power; no one spoke it, no one will utter it, but only the one who has incarnated it"


"The power of the word is as absolute as death." (Proverbs)


"Beyond the words are music, silence of the soul".


(Saint Augustine)


Translated by Ramon T Juarez from the original in Spanish, if a better translation is found on the web, please make it available to us.