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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 7/20/2015

This is a really terrible moment. Some years ago, the king of the world (Melchizedek) who now lives in Agarta, Tibet, made some prophecies that are been fulfilled. He said that "the middle Moon (that is to say, the Arabic countries) would be destroyed and the tribes would end up fighting one to each other." We are beginning to see that situation. 

We have already seen the Palestinians (the revolutionary Palestinians) who sometime ago fought with the Jordanians (Arab also). We have already seen how the Arabic countries armed to the teeth fought a war against Israel and unfortunately were defeated again.

The Arab division generates restlessness in the world due to the existent interests, and the reach deposits of oil are motive of dispute between the United States and the Soviet Union.

My dear brothers, it happens that all over the world the oil wells are draining off and the Arabs have the most reach wells, therefore, this is becoming the origin of disputes among the great potencies.

Melchizedek King of SalemMelchizedek King of SalemMelchizedek, the king of Salem as is called by Paul of Tarsus, the king of the world, has affirmed that there will be a huge universal war, in the North, in the South, in the East and West, under the oceans, in the air, everywhere, and that the human race will destroy itself. He prophesied that there will be transgressions that until now have not been contemplated in the human laws. He also said that there will be a so terrible summer that the planet was going to be devastated by plagues, illnesses and miseries.

He affirmed that there will be huge cataclysms. He also said that from every 10.000 men almost one person would be saved from death and those few that might survive, would end up destroying one to each other. The few survivals would be so incapable of building a shack or finding food that at the end they would protest against God and divinity.

The king of the world clearly affirmed that in the last hour, he would send a people (that humanity do not even suspect or know) and they would initiate a new order over the face of the earth.

If we study Nostradamus, we can verify that he has prophecies that have been and will be fulfilled. He prophesied the second and first world wars; for one letter he almost gave the exact name of Hitler. All what happened in the second world war was predicted by that great wise man.

He also affirms that "in the year 1.999, in the seventh month, a gigantic world will approach the earth and its brightness will be so intense that it will look like a second Sun," he hints that the earth will pass through a revolution of axis and that the planet will feel like falling out of its orbit, something that will produce terrible cataclysms. He also affirms that afterwards, and when humanity has been already destroyed, there will come a new order and a new humanity. It is good to know that Nostradamus has never been mistaken.

It is also truth that he sent letters to a relative before to die in where he explained to him that he had not been able to write all what he knew about the end of the times because the times (that is to say, the time that we are living now) and the religion (as it was known by the people of the middle ages) and the order of the different kingdoms, etc. was going to be so different that if he would have spoken, the church and the governments would not have liked that, therefore, he emphasized that he needed to be quiet, to keep silent, however, he had left a book with the prophecies of what would happen at the end of the times, the latter would be under a monument, and should be discovered by a child (in the last days); however, at the moment of opening the book, the child would be wounded and dye as a consequence of it. That book would have all the prophecies about the end of the times.

Michael of Nostradamus did not ignore what was happening, or what was going to happen in the coming years.

In these moments we are in the dilemma of being or not being of philosophy: or we take the decision of attaining the self-realization or not.

At this point, many could say: What is the path? Where is the way?
My dear brothers, is necessary to wisely comprehend the nature of the path.

There are schools that affirm the existence of twelve paths which are related with the twelve zodiacal constellations, there are other institutions which believe there are seven paths; we need to analyze and to know what is the path. Above all, the brothers who yearn becoming Gnostic instructors have to become conscious of the path itself and comprehend its nature because is impossible to become conscious of something that we do not comprehend. It is necessary the analysis and the reflection, only in that form we will be able to understand.

I want to judge this path with you, seriously.

Luke 13:24 “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.Luke 13:24 “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.Jesus Christ, who has been the major instructor of the last times, did not talk about the existence of several paths; those that have studied profoundly the so called apocryphal gospels (that in reality do not have nothing of apocryphal) have verified that in none of his teachings he speaks about several paths.  

“Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able." Luke 13:24

When we investigate Gurdjieff and his disciple Ouspensky, Collins or Dr. Nicoll, true followers of the "Fourth Path," we verify that they only accept one path.

Gurdjieff says there are fourth paths, however, if we analyze the fourth one, on it are condensed all the others.
The first path is the Path of the Fakir, he even affirm that he knew in the Orient a Fakir who had been near the doors of a temple for about 30 years, sustaining himself in the points of the toes all of that time, his disciples nourished and washed him in a river, afterwards he was delivered by them to the same place.

That kind of Fakirs make super human efforts. In India there are Fakirs who remain stood their entire life, under the storms or the sun, etc; their legs become atrophied and cannot longer walk. Other lay down over a stone or raise an arm vertically, never getting it down or take seat in anthills to the point that the ants tear them to pieces. However, what are they looking for? Just one thing, the creation of the Body of the Conscious Will.

Could the Body of the Conscious Will or Causal body be created through that kind of physical exercises? Those that truly have attained the Initiation, know very well that any vehicle (a physical or supra sensible one) can only be created through the wise transmutation of the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12. All what they attain is the development of the willpower.

Next, comes the path of the Monk. If one in some past existence has worked in the fakir's path (yearning to follow the path), is for sure that in the next existence is going to develop the emotional aspect of the Being, that is to say, one will become a Monk. However, this does not mean that because of this, one will create the Astral body.

To create the Astral body is different. As I have said you, each vehicle can only be created through the transmutation of the hydrogens; this applies for the Four Glorious Bodies of the Nirmanakaya, the Four Glorious Bodies of the Sambhogakaya and of the Dharmakaya.

Therefore, the creation of any vehicle is impossible if the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12 is excluded.

Does the Monk develops the emotional aspect? It is truth. However, that is not all.

In new existences those that had been Monks, will become Yogis. There are different classes of yogas, there exists the Hata Yoga which is not accepted by the Venerable White Lodge, however, there is another kind of Hata Yoga, I would say, a tantric one, which is accepted.

There exists the Bakti Yoga, that is to say, the Devotional Yoga. This Yoga develops the mystic aspect, the hight devotion in an extraordinary form, and can deliver us into illumination but does not lead to the Inner Self-Realization of the Being.

There exists the Gnana Yoga, that is to say, the Mental Yoga. The Gnana Yoga helps to attain the knowledge of oneself, it knows the different disciplines of the mind, brings the Samadhi but not the Self-Realization.
There also exists the Raja Yoga. Its objective is the development of the Chakras, of the occult powers, etc. There is not doubt that some development is attained but not the SelfRealization.

There also exists what we could call the Agni Yoga or Yoga of the Fire or Kundalini Yoga. This Yoga deliver us to the very doors of the Fourth Path. However, the Fourth Path is much beyond the path of the Fakir, the path of the Monk and much beyond than the Yoga. The Fourth Path contains part of the Fakir, Monk and Yoga paths, however, it is none of those paths.

The Fourth Path is the Gnosis, the Gnosis of Hermes Trismegistus, the Gnosis of the Essenes, of the Peratas or Paraticenios, the Gnosis of the Greeks (of an Iamblichus or
Pythagoras), the Gnosis of the great medieval alchemists like Raymond Lully, Nicholas Flamel, etc. the Gnosis of Jesus of Nazareth, of Paul of Tarsus, the Gnosis of the Mithraic mysteries, Troy, Carthage, Egypt, Mayans, Druids and Nahuatls. Gnosis means wisdom, knowledge.

Gurdjieff says with exactitude that there exists a key, the Key of the Ark of the Science. We do have it. How did it come to us? He says: "Does not matter how did it come. Perhaps because somebody stole it or just gave it to us, it does not matter. The fact is that we have it!" However, what the Key of the Ark of the Science is? Obviously, is the Great Arcanum, the Sahaja Maithuna, the Oriental or Western Tantrism.

Brothers, the fourth paths are part of a single path (narrow and difficult) which is represented by the four points of the Cross, by the four Vedas, by the four Gospels, etc. Frankly speaking, we prefer to reach the Gnosis directly. Mr. Mario Roso de Luna, the illustrious spanish writer and theosophist said: "Let us reach the Gnosis!" He became Gnostic at the end of his life; he was the famous Magician of Lofrosant.

In this time, one cannot lost time because we are in a critical and difficult moment. The end of the times have already arrived and a huge catastrophe is expected, which will seal the Apocalypse. We cannot spend 20 existences living as fakirs, monks or yogis. The actual moment demands the Fourth path, the Gnosis, the Fourth way.

Continuing with this analysis, we have to realize that in the field of the practical life not all human beings are prepared for the self-Realization.

Let us take in account that the people of the Kali Yuga is completely weak and degenerated, that in truth they do not have the capacity to follow the Fourth Path. They would have to begin by regenerating the brain, something that would only be possible through the transmutation of the sperm in energy. However, as it happens that almost everybody are degenerated, they do not have the willpower or the necessary continuity of purposes for attaining the regeneration of the brain. Therefore, we face a difficult situation.
The Aztecs did not ignore all of this. The Nahuatls say clearly that beyond the world there are Four Heavens or regions, I would say Atomic Worlds. They used to speak about the Kingdom of Tlaloc or the Kingdom of Quetzalcoatl. They say that many warriors of the tribes (they were not talking about warriors in the vulgar sense of the word but in its inner concept) yearn the liberation after the physical dead in order to live in any of those heavens, however, beforehand they have to pass through terrible tests.

Ehecatl, god of the air elementEhecatl, god of the air elementThey transform themselves, they eliminate the inhuman elements; the Nahualts also say that the pure Soul, the Essence of those warriors ascended beyond the Three Heavens, that is to say, it submerge itself in the Universal Spirit of Life. They say that the warriors want through that system attain the emancipation, to liberate themselves for awhile meanwhile the Era of the Fifth Sun pass, that is to say, the Era of the Kali Yuga. They affirm emphatically that many liberated will reborn in the future sixth great race.

I knew one of them, one that had attained the wakening of the Consciousness and that after his dead had to face the terrors of the death. He revived his existence retrospectively, from the moment of the dead, from the oldness to the birth. Afterwards, he was judged by the Lords of the Law. He felt the "Hurricane," the Wind of the Karma but he stayed serene. Infinite spectral forms tried to make him return to some womb but he remained austere; he had only one yearn: to liberate himself. Finally, he entered in an ineffable region, in one of those atomic regions controlled by cosmic deities in where he felt a great emotion, a great happiness. In that region he obtained a rebirth, not a physical one, I would say, I supra human birth; there, with the help of the Divine Mother Kundalini he continued working in the elimination of the inhuman elements that he carried inside until the point that the Essence stayed completely clean, without any kind of "left overs."

He also received help from the physical world, every time that he tried to return to the world of the dense forms, he listened the voice of the initiates: "Go away, Go Away, Go Away!" When he finally disintegrate the last larvae of the "I," when the Essence was clear and pure, then he submerged himself among the entrails of the Great Reality transformed in an Elemental Buddha.

However, before entering into the entrails of the Great Reality, he had to pass through four different stages: One that we could describe as related with the Nirmanakayas; other, with the Adikayas; another, related with the Sambogakayas; and one that we could classify as Darmakayas. He had to pass through four states of splendour and of Illuminator Void.

When he could submerge himself permanently in the entrails of the Great Reality, he had already the form of a beautiful child. Before attaining that state, he assumed different extraordinary psychological aspects. He now lives in the Region of the Light, among the Great Ocean, not as a Mahatma, not as an Angel but as an Elemental Buddha.

Obviously, the opportunities are still there because everybody receive 3.000 cycles. He will have to make a good use of the opportunities that will receive in the future sixth Root-Race, after the great coming cataclysm.

All what he did, was to postpone his Self-Realization until the next sixth Root-Race. He reflected about his life in this Cloaca of the Samsara, about the sufferings and the danger of descending into the underground world again and again. Therefore, feeling incapable, he decided to postpone his Self-Realization until the future Golden Age.

We are before the dilemma of being or not being; or we walk through the Fourth Path that lead us to the Self-Realization or better to postpone. In reality, it is sad to continue in the sewer of Samsara, is frightful to descend to the infernos worlds in order to begin again.

We have to examine ourselves: we are good for the path or not. Honestly, if we do not feel good for the path, will be better to dissolve the Ego, to awake and afterwards submerge ourselves among the entrails of the Great Reality, until the future sixth RootRace, when there will be a new Golden Age that will have favourable conditions. We have to examine ourselves wisely.

In Tibet there exists an school that deserves being seriously examined; I am talking about the Bonzos. Blavatsky remarks the idea that they are Black Magicians (of red cape). She affirms that the Dugpas also are gloomy; however, is necessary to examine this point.

There is not doubt that the Dugpas are Black Magicians who practice Black Tantrism with ejaculation of the Ens-Seminis and that deviate the sexual force, however, talking about the Bonzos, I think that is necessary to analyze and rectify about them.

The Bonz initiation is terrible. For example, if a person wants to follow the path, he is subjected to rigorous tests, the priest play the trumpet made with bones of dead and the neophyte is advised of the different dangers. Afterwards, they invoke their psychological defects, I would say, the group of aggregates that each one carries inside, they are materialized in the physical world and ordered to devour the neophyte.

If the person remains serene, nothing will happen. If he does not remain serene, he can die devoured by his own materialized psychic aggregates (in this form he knows what is his Ego, his "I"). If he remains serene, he knows that he has to dissolve the inhuman elements, he knows what is the path to disintegrate them.

The Tantric Initiation of the Bonzos is formidable. After the initiation, he begins working with the tantrism: transmuting the sperm in energy with his wife-priestess. He is said the way to develop the faculties and powers to finally reach the Inner Self-Realization of the Being.

However, if the person does not want to return, if he feels incapable to attain the Self Realization, if does not want the tantra initiation but the liberation, if he wants to postpone the Self-Realization for the future sixth Root-Race, he can do so: he then receives two mantras, the neophyte sing, vocalize them and his physical body dies immediately.

Then, been out of his physical body he begins receiving instructions from the Bonzos, they make him pass through all the existent terrors so at the end, when the Ego has been dissolved, he is able to attain liberation and submerge himself as an Elemental Buddha among the entrails of the Great Reality and wait there the end of the Kali Yuga.

Yes, the presence of a Bonz priest is frightful. When they are wearing the apron which is made with bonds and craniums of dead, the red mitre and the poniard in the left hand, one feels amazed, terrified. Blavatsky described them as Black Magicians but analyzing this wisely, we get the conclusion that they are not Black Magicians because they do not practice Black Tantrism (in order to be a Black magician the person has to practice Black Tantrism).

The initiation which is given by them when somebody intents to enter into the path of the razor's edge is Tantra and White: the initiated is taught about the transmutation of the energy, he receives the mantras for the awakening of the Chakras and is delivered through the Fourth Path. Therefore, the Bonzos are not Black Magicians, what happens is that they are radicals, violent and nobody understand them. Not even Blavatsky could understand them; this is why she judged them mistakenly.

I have no doubts about the Dugpas, they teach Black Tantrism.

We are in the dilemma of being or not being of philosophy. There are some that can work in the Fourth Path and reach the Fifth Initiation of the Fire, that is to say, they become initiates, they enter in the Occult Fraternity.

He that reaches the Fifth Initiation find himself before two paths. One, the Direct Path that delivers him to the Absolute and even more, to the Not Manifested-Shakty Absolute.The other one is the spiral of the Nirvanis, of those that submerge themselves in the happiness of Nirvana.

The latter ones, those that are in the "Direct," renounce to Nirvana for love to humanity; the second ones do not, and submerge themselves into Nirvana, taking physical body only in very rare occasions. They live in a state of inconceivable happiness, beyond good and evil, when they take a body, they walk a step forwards and return to submerge themselves into Nirvana for ever.

Their happiness is bigger and the pain smaller, they can reach the Absolute in some future Mahamanvantara, however, they will have to pass through many Mahamanvantaras (perhaps through thousands or millions of Mahamanvantaras) because as they live in happiness, they do not feel the urgency to reach the Absolute.

In Alchemy, the Direct Path is called "Dry Path;" the Spiral Path is called "Humid Path." The alchemists (great masters of the hermetic art) affirm that the work in the Direct Path, that is to say, in the Dry Path, is done in eight days, they also say that in the Humid Path the Great Work is done in eighteen months.

Of course, they are talking about symbolic numbers. Those eight days are eight years related with the person who is doing the Great Work. Any medieval alchemist after been preparing his fires during many years of sacrifice and effort, finally can enter into the Great Work, which as I said and repeat again, is done in eight years. Afterwards comes the Self-Realization, the Resurrection, the King (Iram Abbif) raises himself from his sepulchre of crystal and appears before the world, he enters into the human body in order to fulfil great mission.

The others, is said that do the Work in eighteen months. If we analyze that number at the light of cabbala, we can see the number 9 repeated two times, this means that they will always be in contact with the Ninth Sphere (sporadically, through millions of years, that is to say, through the successive Mahamanvantaras). So, that is the cabbalist and alchemist way of talking.

We are before the dilemma of being or not being of philosophy. We have showed the Path and demonstrated that there exists an emancipation (if someone does not want the Self-Realization), in other words, the postponement (many people have postponed). We have said that those that enter the Path, in arriving to the Fifth Initiation of Fire see themselves in front of the Spiral and the Direct, that is to say, speaking in an alchemical manner: in front of the Humid and Dry Path.

If we examine carefully the Self-Realization, we realize that in the Path is necessary to work with the creative energy of the Third Logos, with the marvellous force that brought us into existence. Therefore, in no way could be possible the creation of the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being having as foundation the mere theories or prejudgments, a reach erudition or with mere physical exercises like those of the Hatha Yogis or those which are practised by the different fakirs.

If we want to create, we have to utilize the same force that was used by the Logos to create us. As the universe has a chaos (from where it came forth the macrocosms), in the same manner the microcosm man also has his chaos, the latter is the sacred sperm. The Metallic Chaos in where all the elements are in disorder is very same than the chaos existing in the space before the birth of a solar system, before the birth of a world.

As the Logos Architect created in the Chaos, separating the superior waters from the inferior waters, creating an order in where there existed the disorder, in the same manner, using the chaos of the microcosm we can also make here in small what the Creator make in the macrocosm, we can work with the same natural forces of the Creator; here, below, it is the same as above.

Obviously, the superior and the inferior are related. The Logos are two: The macrocosm with its chaos; the microcosm man and his chaos.

How did the Demiurge Architect work? How did he manage the forces that created the universe? In same manner, if we want create the internal universe within ourselves, we must utilize the same technique for creation. Doing so, we manage the laws utilized by the Creator for the creation of the macrocosm, we become aware of how He created the universe.

Let us imagine the infinite space and afterwards we will see the Logos creating. At the moment of making a creation within ourselves (in our metallic chaos) we are amplifying His creation.

Speaking in an allegoric form, I would say that we have a parcel of space in where we can project a creation,in other words, we make in that parcel what the Logos made in the infinite space. In this manner, we project and amplify the creation of the Logos.

His creation become more profound because we are creating and giving life to an inner microcosmic universe; we are completing the work of the Creator within ourselves, we are becoming Gods (we become the "non plus ultra" in the creation of the Logos). At the end, He comes to see the result of his work amplified by ourselves.

Some years ago, I was instructed about it in a tremendous manner. Been in the Down of  Mahamanvantara, I had to revive something that I had lived. I saw myself with my  Valkirie, not with my terrestrial priestess but with my Valkirie, with my Salamander Woman. Who is the Salamander-Woman? She is the Soul-Spirit of oneself, the Sulamite of the wise Solomon who appears in "The songs of the Songs," the wife of Lot who is carried by each one of us inside.

I saw myself (in the Aurora), been one of the members of the Army of the Word. Afterwards I worked with her, I would say, we worked as Cosmocreators. She raised the superior water in herself, separating it from the inferior or chaotic water; she brought the water and I the fire. She then, charged her water by the action of the fire, became fecundated.

That water charged with fire, fell again into the Chaos, forming something extraordinary, a new kind of Chaos in where appeared the seed bed of life. What I made was also repeated by all the Cosmocreators and the life appeared in the down after the profound night of Pralaya.

Gnosis offers the super substantial bread, the bread of the wisdom and indicates with precision the new life that begins in oneself, within oneself here and now.


Samael Aun Weor