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The New Age of AquariusThe New Age of Aquarius

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The mind must free itself from all kinds of “schools,” religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those “cages” are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely.  - Samael Aun Weor

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Posted 11/4/2015

Samael Aun Weor remains largely unknown in the English-speaking world. 

But in his native Latin America, he is known internationally as the founder of the Gnostic Movement and author of over seventy books about the fundamental root knowledge from which all our most important philosophical, scientific, and religious traditions blossomed. In recent years, due to the efforts made by a small handful of people who arrived in English-speaking countries in order to share their experience and enthusiasm for the practical and effective science of Gnosis, interest in Samael Aun Weor has been growing. Each year sees new schools, new students, and new interest in the man and his message of compassionate service, individual development, and the urgent need for radical change (these are the Three Factors).

“Do you want to know something from the beyond? Do you want to chat with divine beings face to face? It is indispensable to enter into the region of the dead at will, to visit the celestial regions, to know other worlds of the infinite space. Outside of the physical body, one can give to himself the luxury of invoking beloved relatives who already passed through the doors of death. They will concur to our call, then we can personally chat with them... When out of the physical body, we can acquire complete knowledge about the mysteries of death and life. Out of the physical body, we can invoke the angels in order to talk personally with them face to face.”


It is not irrelevant to solemnly testify that I was born with enormous spiritual longings. To deny this would be an absurdity...Even though some will look at this as unusual and incredible, the concrete fact is that there are those in the world who can completely remember the totality of their existence, even the event of their own birth. I want to affirm that I am one of those who can do so. Following all the well-known processes of birth, very clean and beautifully dressed, I was gently placed on the maternal bed close to my mother...Approaching the sacred bed was a certain very gentle giant with a sweet smile who was contemplating me. He was my father.

It is important to clearly and plainly state that at the dawn of any one of our existences we originally walk on four legs, then on two, and finally on three. Obviously, the latter indicates the cane of the elders.My case cannot be in any way an exception to the general rule. When I was eleven months old I wanted to walk, and it is evident that I did it by firmly sustaining myself upon my two feet. Still, I plainly remember that marvelous instant in which, by interlacing my hands over my head, I solemnly executed the Masonic sign of help: “Elai Beni Al Manah.”Since I still have not lost my capacity for astonishment, I have to state that what happened to me then was marvelous. To walk for the very first time with the body that Mother Nature grants us is without a doubt an extraordinary prodigy. Samael Aun Weor "The three mountains" Chapter one